Are Eldrid at a disadvantage

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That’s the trickiest thing about gear: legendary load-outs are always better on paper, but I’ve had so many games cut short by surrender, or where I’ve been so busy carrying a lane that I haven’t had time to collect shards, or where a Pendles has just been focused on shard stealing all day, or I just need to keep building the same turret over and over…

It’s kinda liberating to have this load-out where I know it’s going to be fully operational by the time I’m level 3 at the latest, and then I can just do whatever with shards afterward. When it does get to late game, I know I’m at a disadvantage against all those people with 2- and 3- legendary loadouts, but eh. It’s very rare I’ll meet a player who is so identically skilled to me that gear decides which of us wins!

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The party buff - I prioritise my team before myself when I pick my gear (which is why I take cheap gear.) And also because I don’t have Codex Fragment. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lol when you go 30-0-27 you know that gear is helpimg the party. Also i hate when none is getting shards, atleast i know my team will get 20% of my shards

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The guys I play with love their legendaries. I already test their patience enough by spike-stealing all their kills at the last minute :wink: Jakooo! And then she’s gone again!

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Interesting. I feel more justified now. Can you elaborate on the attack damage thing again? I’ve been taking attack speed for the increased level 8 venom

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On Meltdown I get everything online by around the 5 minute mark. I’m an early game shard hog lol

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I love lorrian skill spike and have tested with it before so i’all happily mess with Mellka to see if it does anything in my experience

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Deande has base life steal. It’s not mentioned in her kit but she has a base life steal before the helix choice.

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I can’t believe Mellka used to have Venom on bullets from level 1. No wonder they removed it, that sounds ridiculously overpowered. Stealth looked like fun. :cry: Her hand seems bigger and is consistently in view, which is quite a change. Interesting to see Thrill of the Hunt and Air Stall swapped. Mellka must’ve been absolutely amazimg

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But i’m pretty sure venom didn’t deal any DoT damage back, the bonus damage to melee and claw lunge semeed bigger though.

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Just like deande… Is interesting to see how characters changed and why their kit dosent work properly anymore.

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Ah that’s how it worked! I kept on looking to see how much damage it dealt and thought I was just missing the numbers. So they made her less of a melee assassin. Interesting. And thank you!

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Codex Fragment looks good on paper but isn’t that great in practice.

The stacks wear off absurdly quickly AND require you to be taking damage to proc them, not ideal for Mellka.

Codex Fragment is better suited to Montana/ISIC who can soak up a lot of damage while using their skills (moreso Monty, but ISIC can do it with a support like Kleese keeping him up).

As for Lorrian Skill Spike, I’ve mucked around with it, but the 7% chance to proc a 50% damage boost is just too much RNG to depend on. You’d be better going with a blue skill dmg item for a consistent boost over one that procs now and then and rarely when you need it to.

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Omg… Minute 1:24

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EDIT: Forget this video, I can’t tell what I’m looking at.

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Her ult animation is cool

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Yeah, I have mixed feelings on whether or not they should have kept the teleport. While really cool, it seems like it would get you killed more than anything.

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #78

They should of kept it, the ult is called TAG TEAM after all, plus it did good damage, lastly it is mostly used at full health anyway

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Now that health regeneration gear is getting doubled, shouldn’t Eldrid native regeneration be given the same treatment? Then it might actually be good enough to make up for the lack of a shield.

(Velocitas est Vita) #80

I think it might be anyway - but I haven’t played yet so I dunno. It certainly means that with my current Eldrid setup, I’m gonna be getting something along the lines of +35 health regen per second ish. Which is sweeet.