Are Eldrid at a disadvantage

(Easplund) #81

That could actually make a real difference!

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(Keadron) #82

It would be really nice if it was increased.


(Velocitas est Vita) #83

Yeah, it goes really well on Thorn or Mellka. Heck, I even sometimes use it on Montana - makes his shield almost useless (-140 capacity and -40 recharge per second) but it’s totally worth it because he just becomes a beast. Gonna be even greater this time round.

Also liking how the Damage Resistance gear got a little buff as well. My max-roll Blissbeast Skull Plate finally gonna get some use!


(Easplund) #84

I can hardly wait to get home and try it on Montana! I am going to give him all the regeneration and damage reduction that I can! If they increase the Eldrid regeneration, I may take Melka out of mothballs, too. I haven’t played her much since they hacked her health down to nothing. I seem to spend most of the time teleporting back to base and then running back out to do it all over again, lest I get Pendled.


(Velocitas est Vita) #85

Yeah, same here. For Montana go Max Health + Regen, Regen + Regen, and Blissbeast Plate. Takes a fair few shards to get going, but hoooooo boy.


(Easplund) #86

In retrospect, I think that they probably won’t increase the Eldrid regeneration. Kid Ultra needs the fodder, after all, so that all the season pass holders can get Worthy of Song.

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(alekie1990) #87

Actually eldrid are super strong…instead of stacking damage just stack health regen

With thorn i manage to get 41 health per second which makes her near unkillable unless you get nuked down (with her legendary + gear im about to link)

Iv notice that most of the eldrid characterd helix are custom to make them survive longer dish out damage and with great control

Yes alani need attack speed to get insane cooldown reduction how ever technically if a character have the correct gear there shouldnt be any healing needed at all

All i did for my eldrid was this

View on

View on

For the last slot take what ever u like can be a legendary or it can be the eldrid gear which gives you more stats when taking damage or u can take a stat with +210 hp on it

Eldrid are very tanky characters and agile if a character is hitting you 40 damage per second your health regen will make u take 5 damager per second instead as your health regen is always actie whilst taking damage

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(Keadron) #88

I was actually referring to the characters themselves without gear compared to the others. However this post was from a while back. The point was that part of the eldrid don’t have the increased base health and the 7 hp regen doesn’t make up for the shield loss and ability it be instantly crit. Thorn is average health so regen on a back line sniper type character is fine but then most gear is fine for her.
Stacking regen works for any bb if you want to go that route. Tanks can get around 75 HPS


(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #89

Only one tank can get that and it is attikus dude

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(Keadron) #90

I said around it. Actually if built for regen several get close

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(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #91

That is every character then

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(Gone off comms, will update this when i feel like) #92

Boldur ends up at about 60 health per second comfortably,

73.5 is where attikus tops off including helixes and gear(not counting the legendary effect of blissbeast)