Are grenades bugged?

One of my hex’s child projectile ALWAYS homes in on me. Is is just me? And is there a bugreport thread/page on this forum (sorry I’m not an every day user.)

Some psychos send grenades back to you, especially in dlc2.


I seem to get that a lot with those multi spawn grenades as well. They surround me especially if no more mobs and make the most annoying set of sounds til they expire.

I know, and skags can fetch, but in tgis case I was killing wolves.

One of the wolvens shoots things at you like a porcupine. And my memory claims I’ve seen one knock a grenade back with it’s tail.

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Tracker grenades when they’re hit back to you and they do that spinning thing on you will prevent you from activating Iron Bear because there is not enough space. I don’t know if the hexes cause the same thing.

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Are you sure, you are not playing Risk of Rain 2?



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I’m gonna do some tests with different enemies or areas without fight scenes.

Ive found alot of the healing grenades to be bugged lately on moze