Are Guardian Perks back?

Was just playing Amara and I swear GA popped me back up with full health and shields like it’s supposed to with the perk.

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Just reloaded my game.

Downed myself.

Cannot aim down sights while down.

So I don’t think so. (PC)

I’m on xbox. I could be mistaken but I really don’t think I was or that was a really fast regen.

Same on xbox 1 cant aim while down sight when downed

Maybe I’m wrong… Sorry folks.

Skill: Guardian Angel
Effect: When Amara enters Fight For Your Life, she immediately gains a Second Wind, restores her health, and creates an Action Skill Elemental Nova that may knock back nearby enemies. This skill has a long cooldown.

this is from wiki. i dont play amara but isnt the one of her skill called guardian angel makes her get back up with full health and shields? so its not about the guardian perks its about her skills


Initially yes but in a very early patch it was reset to 50% and is still there as of today

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G A restores 100 % for my Amara. Every time.

What you’re describing is a GUARDIAN RANK (when it works)

GR Resilient

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Yep was a bit sad when they chopped it originally.

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