Are guardian ranks and megavore still broken?

I just wana know. I like both these things and it frustrates me I can’t have them because someone messed up.

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Megavore is back, guardian perks aren’t.

Zane got some buffs and he might be decent now but the lack of guardian ranks is making my actions skills much slower to activate. one action skill was taking 6 seconds to recharge now its about 20. Its not a small change.

Any idea when it will be fixed?

How does something like this happen and are you working over the weekend to fix it? I know at my job if I made an mistake like this that impacted customers, my CEO would be making me and anyone who could help, work until it was fixed.

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Tell me about it, my build feels so much slower thanks to the cooldown rate decrease that somehow founded itself in the game

The cool down isn’t as significant on my Flak as I have a decent cooldown build but I still notice a bit, but the no ADS in FFYL and reviving and half shield is killing me

Do more beam grenade healing interactions work again?