Are Healer Builds a Thing?

I like co-op dynamics and enjoyed Nurse class Maya. Is anyone offering any heals in Borderlands 3?

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FL4K features quite a few team healing buffs (mainly due to having pets) and I know Zane has at least one augment that allows the barrier to do minor team healing.


Ah, Fl4k, the Druid. Should have guessed lol Thanks for the info.


all the heals

I guess this would come close to a Fl4k build for pure team healing.

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Amara has Soul Sap which is for her and the team.

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For some reason I’m reminded of an Anime I think was called Vandread where their spaceship is under attack and the medical officer has a sizable amount of the fighter crew locked in the infirmary yelling at them that she is the medical officer and she says no one is allowed to get hurt.

i think that every character has their own unique way to support each other, Amara provides increased movement in addition to restoring health directly trough a passive/active effects, Fl4k can apply health regeneration either trough passive/active effects, Moze can provide increased damage trough a kill skill and Zane can give a bit of everything trough his Shield skill augments.

Outside of specific augments and skills each character have other forms of healing/buffing that are focused on their own survive-ability rather then fully rendering a skill tree under performing due to its dependency for Co-op play (like Claptrap had with its “I Love You Guys!” tree).

All of which i find is very reasonable and welcoming, as it would allow any character to dynamically impact the game in their own way when they fight alongside their fellow vault hunters rather then forcing someone to specifically play as carefully as possible because of their very dependable Co-op benefiting skills, such as having an Amara player who’s built for Close/Melee range forced to play like a sniper rather then the brawler like they built themselves to be.

I’m surprised that Fl4k has the potential to be a team healer but several months after release I’ve still never seen one single group healer build used in matchmaking that wasn’t me.
Actually still mostly glass cannons. Anyone ever seen a healer before?

This is mine from back when healing my wife as she played Amara:

Most people want to kill/self sustain.

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I had the same thing with my gf running friend bot with rakks sometimes, I told her Amara for survivability but the transition from GTA was a learning experience.

I’m guessing since it’s gammaburst it’s pretty easy to use on mayhem 4 then.