Are heavy weapons dead now?

As far as I know Moze with MoD and a beam grenade was the only vault hunter with enough ammo regen to use heavy weapons for more than 30 seconds without running out of ammo. That build doesn’t work anymore, so are heavy weapons now completely worthless? They certainly don’t do enough damage compared to normal guns to justify such a low ammo count.


I haven’t found a use for them on my FL4K or Amara. Everything else I have in my kit does way more damage.

Farm for days to collect heavy weapons…now useless.

I agree that most heavies aren’t that good but I always keep a Scourge on my Fl4k and it wrecks most things. If I have reasonable distance between me and the mob so it has enough air time then it just wipes everyone out. Even Anointeds only take a couple of shots if timed right. Best crowd-thinner in the game

almost as is if, a division of TTWO, Rock Star Gaming that makes Red Dead Redemption, did the jacobs what i call cowboy guns in borderlands 3

alot of it makes no sense imo, when it comes to the borderlands series where you have:

  • revolvers with faster near instant reloading than automatic weapons
  • revolvers and shotguns with faster firing than automatic weapons
  • revolvers and shotguns with damage near than or more than sniper or rocket wpns

some may say, oh its jacobs turn to shine, i say yeah…in… Red Dead Redemption

i found one epic rocket launcher that works good as a sniper, but as i mentioned in another post i have found this installment of borderlands very anti-sniping in lack of damage, along with movement, charge mechanics, AI of the NPCs.

Hedgehog named rocket launcher, Blue versions, imo are best i have seen

Muchamuch named sniper rifle, with a particular prefix i got in Epic version had 4600ish damage, 99% acc, 87% handling was best i have seen in the game, but i vended it, since i find no use or point in sniping.

Lyuda, is not really a sniper rifle, players use it as a high power assault wpn, single or versions that shot even 2x will not work as a sniper rifle did in BL2, BL TPS

Were they ever alive ?

Yes, after the Flakker was nerfed several heavy weapons became competitive for Moze. I made a Hive build that could clear TVHM M3 Slaughter Shaft in 18 minutes.

That build is completely dead now.

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Big Boom Blaster shield is auto pickup now, so all classes can have a heavy build.


BBB doesn’t provide anywhere near enough heavy ammo for that. Scourge and Hive require four ammo per shot.

Believe me, that was my first thought.

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I only use Hives on my Amara during farming sessions to speed an enemy down faster, and a shock Scourge on my Zane Clone to clear an area’s shields while I Hellwalk my way through the group, so my experience with heavies is limited. I never liked them. Not even the norfleet. And I’m a Gaige :joy:

Zane can use them fairly well with his clone since it doesn’t use ammo. Double Barrel + Boom. Enhance. + Hive or Scourge.

Moze with a Rocket Launcher + Some of the Road Skill in Bottomless Mags is a boss killer.


Honestly never used them unless I ran my Moze. Since I’m a Amara main I rarely feel the need to use them. Always been more of a SMG, Shotgun guy.

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I still like a Vladof from time to time on my Bottomless Mags Moze. But aside from that, I’ve never really been a fan of the launchers.

Personally, haven’t kept a Heavy in my inventory for more than 5 minutes. Yeah, they’re pretty much trash now except for a few.

heavy weapons need a bigger splash radius, much bigger actually, so they can feel like a aoe weapon good enough to use on farming…

There have one heavy weapon I absolutely love. It’s a purple COV shock heavy weapon it drops from a quest mob during a side quest for Tina on Pandora. Its 3 high damage projectiles for one ammo per shot and the weapon can get alot of damage out before needing repair. I will check the name tomorrow when I’m on my Amara.

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Yes, but they need to disable friendly fire First!

I am fortunate enough to have picked up an Anointed Vred w/Big Boy under barrel that has +125% Splash Damage after action skill. Paired with Re-Router, and a Splash Damage Deathless Build. The Big Boy can ragdoll Rachel.

If you’re moze you can have “infinite” heavy ammo. Take 5 points in Cloud of lead, Fire 3 times with the Flakker, swap to heavy to use your free shot, swap back and repeat.

I like purple Vladof launchers with bottomless mags Moze. Big magazines and fast projectiles you can hip fire crits with them.

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