Are legendary amp shields still bugged?

Afaik, shields like version 0.m are bugged with multi pellet weapons and will only amplify one pellet out of all. This doesn’t happen with one shotter shields (purple variant), so I was thinking if it’s still the case. I’m planning on doing some fl4k build that utilizes fuzzy math to regain shield to abuse amp shields and boom sickle came to mind, but I’m not sure if this will fully work.

As a side question, can re-volter roll triple amp prefix? Or at least double amp?

Legendary amp effects such as the Re-Router still only buff one projectile AFAIK. As for the Re-Volter I’m not entirely sure what rolls it qualifies for so a double amp would likely be a possibility(and very much so META).

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Re-volter can’t roll amp. Lootmelon has shield parts

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Tested the 0.M recently with Frequency shotgun and the shield itself was only amping 1 pellet of the 24 total. Didn’t test if standing in the circle was any different.

Hyperion shields can’t spawn with Amp augments unfortunately


Or Nova! :poop: :-1: :toilet:

IIRC from BL2, it’s either amp a single pellet for the full amp bonus damage, or divide the bonus across all pellets. That’s what the Conference Call fix was all about - the full bonus was being added to every pellet, so CC+Bee was beyond OP territory and firmly into fully broken territory.

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Btw its not really a bug, but more a purposeful decision made to have them act this way, they could easily change this but for whatever reason they wanted legendary shields to only amp a single pellet