Are Level Ups & Augments Canon Story Wise?

So, was just thinking back to Borderlands and how New-U Stations, leveling up, skill points, advanced Unlockable character abilities, etc were not Canon (there was a “Non Canon Museum” in the Crawmerax DLC in Borderlands 1 (I seem to remember) and a flyer advertising said Museum in The Pre Sequel (a sincerely underrated, if too short, game).

We were meant to believe that our Heroes, at base level abilities, and, ultra-fortuitously, not dying once (well, except for Roland! BUY A F*CKING SHIELD, ROLAND!) achieved all the events of the Borderlands games.

Which is a fair suspension of disbelief, it’s why movies work, also.

So is this the case for Battleborn?

Do our characters level up when we are not playing them?

Would Orendi ever be able to use Pillar Storm in an actual combat situation?

Would BEATRIX have her silence?

Would Gali ever be able to ACTUALLY pull / silence / slow?

What do you guys think?

I’d like to think they can probably use all of their skills and mutations etc. Even if some change the way a skill works I’d like to think that the character will have their own choice as and when they use it.

For example if ISIC is fighting, he can choose to drop his wards in a specific location or apply them to himself.

What do you think?


So you think that, purely in story terms, they are all level 10?

Or do have the ability to augment themselves in combat?

I love the idea so much of the Battleborn having the tech to be able to genetically modify themselves on the fly.

That’s SO COOL!

I would love for it to be more than just a mechanic!

I mean, they ARE supposed to super powerful badass Gods of Battle!

By the way @conorwillybums54 your forum name always cracks me up, mate?


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This may be a bit wild but I think all battleborn are level ten and they have every single helix choice. Even ones that clash like a montanas knock up and his knock back , I just think they choose when to use certain skills.

I’m thinking of it as when they take a helix they learn a new way of fighting, so just because Montana knocks up doesn’t mean he has forgotten how to knock back.

My real name is Conor Williams, so conorwillybums seems perfect right?


Also, are we still believing that “PVP matches are virtual reality training / practice simulations between missions”?

Like the X-Men’s Danger Room?

Now that changes things haha, in that case I think they level up as they do in game.

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I think I’ve found a way to wrap my mind around it!

if, in story terms, they have never been killed (not saying they CANNOT be killed, just that they have so far all been lucky enough to stay alive thus far) and never needed to respawn (which, for this all to hang together, needs to mean a fresh, default state, no new abilities learned yet, fresh new copy ot themself created from a genetic profile on file with NOVA or somwhere), then all the Battleborn (who have been alive and training for a while) could conceivably remember / still have access to all the augments / mutations that they have ever gIven themselves.

As for Mutations versus other augments, or even just conflicting augments, if they can modify their genetic code on the fly then maybe they could switch augments and mutations in and out or off and on in combat (only one per level I Guess).

This could all also easily apply to Borderlands.

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I think it does apply to borderlands if you think about the cut scene maya lifts a loader with phase lock and kills it by throwing it into the wall.

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Pretty sure a majority of it is for the sake of gameplay

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Yeah that’s the truth but that’s not the fun answer ay?:wink:



Awwww, that’s no fun!


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I’d say they’re all level 10, and can use most of their mutations at whim. That is, all their helix options are activated.
Although, some of their abilities are very unrealistic. (I’m looking at YOU, Dreadwind).


Considering that the lore often described the Battleborn winning battles that had the odds stacked against them, I think that we only get to use a fraction of their full potential even at level 10. One example is caldarius at the end of the renegade. He destroys an entire fleet of jennerit ships in a couple seconds. Other examples from lore are Ambra boiling an entire planet, Alani slaughtering the silent sisters in retaliation, Galilea confessed to the slaughter of 778 jennerit soldiers, boldurs axe draws power from the planet he is on (axe toss+rune power=mini spirit bomb), orendi can alter her own physiology at a genetic level to the point of integrating and improving upon LLC technology in her body, aurux has destructive power exceeding that of a blast from a capital ship.
None of these really represent the skills we use in game yet are canon.



That’s a BRILLIANT point!

As far as what is described in the lore, who do you guys think would be the overall most powerful Battleborn?

Ambra with her Gravity control / manipulation?

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Ambra would definitely be top tier as far as lore goes she can pull asteroids out of orbit and vaporize the surface of a planet (separate occasions not one being the result of the other).
Orendi incorporated lasers from an A1 minion. What if she had chosen a sentry bot instead? The limits of her power are unknown.

Most of the upr and LLC would be bottom tier imo they are limited by the laws of science and the tech they bring with them (advanced sci-fi tech granted but tech nonetheless) same for the rouges mostly.



Varimorphs are super crazy as, from what I remember reading, they can essentially just LOOK at any technology, or well, anything really, and assume its form and properties?

I pulled this from the lore on @MentalMars page. Thanks mentalmars for making it so I don’t have to type this all out.

While little is to be said for varimorph technology, their physiology is quite unique. As a species, the varimorph possess the ability to intentionally (albeit slowly) adapt at a genetic level, including the ability to develop biological analogues of technological constructs they find. Indeed, in our weeks of evacuation, we rarely encountered two varimorph who took similar shape or form.

Moreover, this four-armed miscreant has readily adapted her form, assimilating the internal workings of A1.Minion lasers into her hands, allowing her to control and channel energies more efficiently than the finely crafted weapons of Minion Robotics (reportedly, anyways – frankly, I don’t buy it).

There was also this on his lore page listed under bonus. Idk what the source is.

Orendi: everybody’s favorite four-armed menace to society, despite little being known of her personal history or the varimorph race in general. To that end, here is a glimmer of insight into the Chaos Witch and her people: the varimorphs are perhaps most famous for their ability to alter their DNA and physiology over time. This allows them to replicate certain technologies and traits through observation alone, even without understanding the underlying mechanism. However, the speed, accuracy, and complexity of morphing ability varies with the individual—morphing is an inherent trait, but also a skill that can be honed.

Their tribal culture is intensely distinct, and though most remain somewhat humanoid (for ease of communication with other races), there are a few “fringe” tribes that morph into wildly different, more “alien” forms. Of course, now that Etra (the varimorph star system) has been darkened, few tribes remain intact. Many established tribes’ forms were discarded to better adapt to new circumstances, while others were scattered during the evacuation (jointly carried out by the Eldrid and the LLC).

It was during her extraction, led by a Hemsworth expeditionary force, that Orendi first encountered Marquis and Phoebe. “Unstable” at the best of times, Orendi strongly objected to being “abducted”. For her “own safety”, her rescuers were forced to subdue her in order to get her safely off-world. Following an altercation with Marquis upon her waking (involving heated exchange of the terms “hobo” and “slaver”), she and the butler D’Caliber got off on the wrong foot, sparking a hatred she would go on to fan for the rest of their reluctant co-confinement aboard the Arcship Wallywig, and later, Nova.

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Awesome, thanks!

Don’t have time to read it all just now but will soon!

Ermagerd I copied to much I will edit

There. Still kinda long I guess. I accidentally copied the whole page lol.

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It’s fine, it’s sweet ass lore!

Thank you again!