Are loading times EVEN longer on console now or is it just me?

I can’t tell if I’ve just grown so tired of the save/quit method or if the times are legitimately longer now to the point of me not being able to tolerate them.

I have been playing today on PS4 and load times seem to be the same.
Done a lot of farming lately so i would be quite certain about that.
Probably just burnt out of all the loading.

Play on a ps4 pro with a 2 tb ssd and yes the loading times are longer by about double for me.

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Playing on not a console and no :slight_smile:

Seemed about the same to me on original XB1 yesterday. But that is so slow I simply don’t save/quit farm in BL3 at all. Hmm… can you still do the sign out/in trick to end the current session without saving? That would shave quite a bit off the restart time.

Yes, I can literally get up and go make a cup of coffee, pour sugar, creamer, taste a sip, go smoke a cigarette, take a nap, wake up, brush my teeth, go to work, come home and ready to play.

All seriousness, yes! It is about 1.5-2x longer load. The funny part is, it halved the time to return to title screen.

Really considering upgrading to SSD on my PS4.

My load times on Xbone seem about the same. Which is to say, really, really long.


Doesn’t help that microsoft already bogs that console down with a bunch of bloatware :axe:

Maybe I’ve just been off the game so long and playing other games that I’ve really, really noticed it now that I’ve come back after putting in so much time. Couple that with the chances of you getting a drop and BL3 is pretty abysmal to me now. I’m surprised I’ve put in hundreds of hours with how I felt just signing off now after wrapping up the DLC tbh.

@thepersonwithaface. Can this bloatware be removed?

I’d say just uninstall everything you don’t use if it’ll let you. I do the same with fresh installs of windows. I bought a xbox and returned it for a ps4 because even the menu was choppy, not that nice crisp ps4 hitter menu. Not sure you can really improve performance for it besides being sure to dust it and, like I said, uninstalling whatever it will let you.

Regular PS4 here and load time is longer by quite a bit now.

I own 3 different Xbox Ones, from an original day one edition to a One X. The menu has never been choppy on any of them. Not sure why yours was.

I know the load screen was about 10-15 secs when I was farming crap like graveward back In the day. It is like 20 to 25 now. I know you guys without a SSD are thinking “first world problems” but 25 secs Is an eternity if you used to load times on a SSD. I half think they pulled an Anthem and normalized load times so SSD did not have half the zone done before the non SSD players loaded in.

The Claptrap loading screen seems to be about 15 - 20 seconds longer… which puts it almost 3 minutes. Other loading screens do seem longer as well.

The Xbox One S is brutal. I’m spending half my session in loading screens like we’re playing Anthem or something.

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Ps4 home is way smoother than every xbone i’ve ever seen, but this ain’t a console war. I play PC

I own a PS4 and PS4 Pro also. No issues with the menu on those either.

I find the loading times in the DLC3 on the console (PS4) much longer than in the other DLCs or in the main game. I would also finally like to have the GB touched up. Console players are generally at a disadvantage compared to PC players. When people are forced to farm a boss hundreds / thousands of times because they just don’t want to increase their chances, then you should at least create a way that the players do not have to restart after the boss farm. An easy way that bosses can respawn, or something. At least I would hope so.

I’ve been playing exclusively in DLC 3 and the load times are excruciatingly long on Xbox.

I timed it yesterday on an Xbox One S. Ten loads of the Obsidian Forest map in the new DLC, average load time 53.4 seconds.
Add the 10 seconds to quit and then double-tap at the load screen to reload (why two button presses GB?) and that’s a minute four to turn around and farm things.
And people wonder why I have a computer on my lap to post on these forums while I play(well, no one actually wonders, but they might if they saw), so much downtime. Killing a boss is faster than the turnaround.
I’ve tried an external SSD, and found that only took 10-14% of the time off.

Most of this slowness is the low-cost drives they use to keep the price of the consoles low. I’m hopeful that the next gens with built-in SSDs will be faster.
Of course, they will also allow denser graphics and greater spatial sound, so the amount of data being loaded will go up negating the hardware improvements.