Are lockers useless on BL3 !?!?

Hi all . Are lockers useless on BL3 !?!? I am a compulsive looter from BL1 onward - it may be just a faulty memory but the lockers gave better loot in previous games. I wonder if there is any value in checking them out?! Your opinions please.
Cheers Michael

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Found in a toilet^

Found in a locker^

Also, Brainstormer shotgun was found in a locker by me.

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I have found several half decent legendary guns and shields

I too am an avid looter. I open everything.
I even melee open the trash on the ground and the Ratch eggs.
I have found some decent gear, even a few legendaries.
To me it is worth it…

In BL1 and 2 I relied on lockers for cash, ammo, and in BL2 eridium.
There are often guns (in BL2 particularly) but I never found anything particularly great, usually whites and greens.
Lockers and cardboard boxes were for cash & ammo, and that holds the same for me in BL3. I do miss getting eridium from them.

They were arguably more generous back in the day, particularily in Borderlands 1, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call them useless. Once you start getting into the higher Mayhems, you’ll start getting legendaries from all kinds of source.

Thanks for the valuable feedback. Much appreciated
Cheers Michael

I reflexively open every container , regardless. Never know what could be inside! Could be a boat!