Are Loyalty Reward Guns Pure RNG?

So, I’ve been using a lot of Torque and Maliwan and Dahl lately.

They keep sending me loyalty rewards (as do the other companies, depending on what I find as I go along, I got the “Receive a loyalty reward from every manufacturer” trophy a couple weeks ago) and some guns are great, like really amazingly great, others are honestly pure and utter garbage.

For example, the last Loyalty Reward gun I received was a green pistol from Torque that was pure vendor fodder. The one before that was a pink double penetrating pistol that was literally the best gun I’ve found in the game yet, including legendaries.

I’ve gotten weapons from s**t to stunning from every manufacturer.

So it must be RNG.

I was very excited about the Loyalty Reward program at first because I thought the kills per manufacturer would be recorded cumulatively and you would get increasingly better rewards the more kills you got for each company, but I guess that’s not the case?

Oh well, free loot is free loot!

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you’re correct, it’s all RNG and it’s free loot! the way i see it is if you really enjoy a type of weapon, you’re rewarded with similar ones that potentially can be an upgrade. it’s all around win-win

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Pretty much just a random gun from that manufacturer. They can come annointed, though.

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I’ve seen the loyalty rewards as a nice way to reward later characters as I level them. the guns aren’t wonderful sometimes but it’s a permanently available gift that I can pick up at the appropriate level. They’re really RNG based but all I’ve noticed is that they stick closely to the last kind of weapon you used (Jakobs shotguns lead to more shotguns, etc, more than anything else from the manufacturer)

I’m mostly curious whether at some point they could deposit a legendary item in the mail, that’d be a fun surprise albeit far less common obv

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i think they can, it’s clearly some type of dice roll since it can either be a green, blue or purple weapon. the chance of getting a legendary out of this is probably slot machine low, but i’m guessing the chance is there

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I assume that by now someone has gotten one if that’s the case. given the playerbase we would have heard or seen something to the effect by now, but maybe not. I do believe you’re right in the fact that it’s probably slot machine levels of rolls but I’m also of the belief that because they weeded out whites they can probably already have weeded out legendaries too.

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that’s true, good point. could also come down to the fact that those who got one doesn’t even know it yet haha. the mail section is honestly quite hidden and i probably wouldn’t have found it if i wasn’t told about it

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yeah the coolest thing about mail imo is that you can send mail, not that you can receive it. gotta figure that one out over time, I got to level 50 on my siren before I knew that


So you could theoretically save all your loyalty rewards til max level? No, the gun level is locked in at the level you are when they send it, right?

yes, if they rewarded you with a gun at lvl 41 it will stay as lvl 41 on all characters

it makes way better sense to “save” any guns you receive specifically for characters later on, too. odds are if you’re receiving the rewards it’s because you’ve got a gun you like and want to continue use

Wow your comment just made me realize something. All my kills are jacobs sniper rifle and i have had prob 100 gifts from them and only now realised not one of them was a sniper rifle always pistols / shot / ARs. I wonder if anyone got a sniper or if they just not in the gift loot pool.

wild! I’ve received jakobs snipers, but always after using a jakobs sniper at least in my experience. that’s whacky. It may not be correlated to the type of gun, hm

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Could be remembering wrong of course but genuinely can’t remember seeing one in the gifts. Good to know you have though it means they are for sure in the loot pool :slight_smile:

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pretty sure its just RNG w decent chances for high quality, not based on the gun type you use. if you get 400 kills w a Jakobs sniper rifle you could get a green pistol, a blue shotgun, a purple assault rifle, and a purple sniper, or 2 shotguns and 2 pistols, etc.

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Totally RNG, I’ve got like 10000 kills with an ogre an I got a green vladof pistol. Would be cool if it was based on what type of gun you were using though.