Are m10 sniper builds currently possible?

I wanted to make an Unseen Threat build, but damn. Just, damn. Not sure if I’m doing it wrong or it’s just a bad sniper, but damn.

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Sniper rifles are hella underperforming right now. Unseen Threat, Wedding Invitation, Conplex Root and Sand Hawk are your realistic options for a Sniper build. Tankman’s Shield might still be okay, but who can stack it properly???

Edit: Skullmasher might be okay for mobs

How are you built, what’s your expectation for their performance, and what’s happening when you nail something?

As I type this, I’m one-shotting my way through Athenas at MM10 with a MM10 Headsplosion. Things I’m not using but would if I needed more damage:

  • Amp shield
  • Holy Crit modifier
  • Tannis modifier
  • Anointment (this has some Iron Bear thing that’s useless on FL4K)
  • Skag for gun damage (Spiderant is on deck here)

…I’m sure the Unseen Threat can throw more damage than the Headsplosion? I am making every shot ranged out of Fade Away.

Lootlemon has the Unseen Threat at M10 around 33500.
The Headsplosion at M10 just over 14000.

Did the Skullmasher get fixed so it could drop at M10? That might be able to deal a lot of damage.

What is the Tannis modifier, sorry?

Basically I’d like to be able to mob with it. Mine has 200 ASA, and I’m running the initiative shield. I’ve invested in the green and red trees, and am using fade away.

Class mod? Passives?
Relic? Passives?

Don’t forget to add your augments here too.

One of the perks you can buy from Tannis’ arcade game is a Jabber cola for 10% damage for an hour. It’s small, but it’s free.

Note: Athanas was all fun and games, but I went after some ‘basic’ mobs on Devil’s Razor, and like 3/4 of them were those armored Badasses… I had to throw a lot more into the equation to drop them in a timely manner.

I’m also built into the Red and Green trees. I don’t think I’ve found an Initiative shield… is that hitting harder than a Re-Router or Nova 0.m? Also, what COM do you like? I’m using a Bounty Hunter for the 35% damage (since I’m trying to one-shot kill).

I do find that for heavier enemies, I need to get a couple kills stacked before it gets ‘easy’ to just pop them off, so I’ll start with a couple of chumps and go from there.

I think this is the 0 stat one Vincent drops in Cursehaven. Provides a small permanent damage boost.

Nice - I’ll have to find that.

Also, this literally just dropped, and I think the scoped damage is outperforming the Unseen Threat (and my Threat has the 300% damage on healthy enemies anointment too). If you’re into ranged combat and are interested, it’s yours (great for firing out of Fade Away).

edit… maybe - the homing blips from the Threat are no joke. :thinking:

Playing as Fl4k using a De4deye com with +Jacobs critical and + sniper rifles damage and a Skullmasher with 300/90 anointment should give you that one shot one kill vibe typical of snipers, at the same time resetting Fade away often enough to let the pet taunt constantly with not my circus. Single pellet snipers simply sinergize worse with their skills.
Of course the more +sniper damage and +Jacobs crit you can find (also on artifact) the better. Add a one shotter shield on top for best results, even tho Fl4k has no way to refill it quickly after the first shot and it’s as rare as a chimera on console…
It’s a quite specific setup but it pays against bosses too.

If you want something simple to build and have last dlc complex root is really good and feels as a sniper (contrary to sandhawk who does not remotely play as a sniper) I am currently using a gamma fire complex root it is enjoyable. I was using lv60 m10 wedding invitation (ase100 and gamma) before it is fairly good as well.

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Wait, how can the UT get to 33000?

Lvl 60 M10 with good parts.

The Unseen Threat wrecks everything in M10. The WI is the only better sniper, IMO. UT, WI, Complex Root, Skullmasher, and Sand Hawk are the 5 snipers that I would consider top-tier in the game for Fl4k. There is a big dropoff in performance between the WI and everything else IMO, but lots of people like the UT and Complex Root as well.

Just a few other pieces of advice to putting together a sniper build. Make sure you are running a red/green tree build with Megavore and TPI. You can run either Rakks or FA, both are about equally effective for sniping IMO. I have never tried sniping with GB but I am sure it works fine too, probably just not as well as Rakks or FA.

Make sure you have 2 different elements on your shield and grenade.

The Bounty Hunter and Cosmic Stalker would be your more mainstream sniping options, but a Deadeye works just as well in my books. Make sure you have sniper rifle damage, manufacturer critical, weapon damage, or weapon critical on your COM. Especially if you are using the WI, go for AOE as the second or third passive on your artifact.

These are the best pieces of gearing and build advice I can think of for a sniping build. Sniping is very viable on M10 and is a key part of my Fl4k builds. Good luck!

Are the Rakks here used to fire anointments or something else?

This is my sniper Fl4k build… I need to update it for level 60, but it’s pretty good. Also, the Cocky Bastard is a top tier sniper. The crit damage is insane on that.

@Adabiviak Both now since the patch. Prior to the patch, they would just be used to proc anointments. But now - and ESPECIALLY if you have an artifact boosting AOE damage as the second or third passive (first passive only benefits either splash damage or radius, but not both - I just can’t remember which for certain - whereas if it appears in the second or third slot it boosts both, because reasons) - the Rakks are doing some damage, and they can do even more through boosting splash and AOE.

Just don’t spec Head Count with a Rakk build.

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Maybe I have just never gotten one with good parts then? Because I have always found the CB quite a bit underwhelming. I got what I thought was a M10 one (before M10 was labeled) and it just doesn’t hold a candle to the WI or UT. I found the Skullmasher to be better as well, although again, I have not used it since level 60 came out either - but I cannot imagine it has changed THAT much. I might have to try for a better CB at some point, although IIRC isn’t it like the Skullmasher and it doesn’t have a drop source?

The Cocky Bastard requires you to hit crit shots to be truly effective. And to hit them consistently.

Is there a sniper to which this does not apply?