Are Mayhem enemies supposed to be this bullet-spongey?

After finishing my first story run with Moze, I jumped into Mayhem 1 so I could finish old side missions and have everything scale with me. It was a lot of fun, a really good balance of challenge and enjoyable gameplay. Then a few of the folks in the Moze forum suggested taking Iron Bear into M10 to level up and farm for some nice weapons.

Doing this in Iron Bear was great, but the moment it ended and went into cooldown I was completely useless. Almost no damage at all from my weapons (and I was using legendary ones I had just found, at the current level). Went out into the regular game world and it was the same thing, taking half my ammo to kill a band of skags.

I only picked up the game recently so haven’t really been around the community as the Mayhem levels were released…not sure how it feels about them. But is it this way for all the classes? By that I mean, guns barely do chip damage, and the only source of real power comes from action skills? I don’t mind putting up with it for some power leveling and farming weapons, but it seems to take so much away from the dynamic gameplay that Borderlands 3 excels at.

On a related note: After I get to level 65, will there be any difference between guns that are Mayhem 1 or 2 versus a Mayhem 10 gun. Like, do the ones at M10 always have more raw damage, or is it still RNG?

weapons scale with mayhem level… realy crap system…

you can also just enable M10 and farm your fabricator for M10 legendaries or farm vendors for them…

if for one stacked jakobs damage (crit/normal) on my classmod (seeing dead) and AR damage on both classmod and artifact (ice breaker victory rush)

everything i hit with my clairvoyance turns into a nuke…

so enjoy enemies being bulletsponges for a while as you’ll be blasting through them in no time

If you’ve got dlc 3 drop straight onto the wood level, run to the bird enemy that drops the lightshow. Farm it with iron bear till you get some in different elements because the drop rates on that for me are probably the best in the game.

Then go farm some other M10 god weapons from other bosses and go from there.

Personally I’d probably go to agonizer 9000 after that for a backburner, killavolt for a monarch and then a reflux.

If you haven’t got dlc 3 go for a monarch

If you’re still struggling after that look on YouTube for build videos

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The feeling you have is mostly because Iron Bear is a bit overtuned at the moment: it kills everything with ease without needing special gear or build, historically Iron Bear used to be crap and was buffed by GearBox but they overdid it. Gun damage requires a bit more of work, but if you are using Moze just pick Fire in the Skag Den skill, a gun with splash damage and you are set :rofl:

When you say splash damage, would that be anything that fires explosive rounds, like a torgue?

Those, and some others guns too, generally there is a sort of explosion effect on impact or indication related to splash on the weapon card

I didn’t realize that the Fabricator would spit out weapons at M10 when you enable it, but that makes sense. Thanks.

Moze is at her strongest with splash weapons granted that you have invested in splash damage from her skill trees. If you are using Iron Bear with a splash build, I’d recommend using the explosive rounds and his mini guns for max damage.

Good splash weapons for Moze:

Light Show
LaserSploder (my personal favorite)
Blood Starved Beast (Hard to get)
Beacon / Hellshock
FearMonger (Only available during Bloody Harvest event)
Star Helix

Now that you mention it, I did find this really sweet gun around level 30. Some kind of AR with a fast firing rate, laser accurate, and headshots caused explosions. Forget what it was called off the top of my head, but man, I’d kill to find one at level 65.

Thanks for the list. I’ll look these up (haven’t got the DLC yet, but I’m planning to pick it up soon, so once I’m level 65 I will run it.

I have a bunch of points I haven’t used, because I was doing a marathon of XP farming. I’ll dump some into the splash damage skills you mentioned. I had been using the rockets and nuke in the slaughter arena, but I always preferred miniguns anyway (though the big 'splosions are fun).

I believe the weapon you mentioned is the LaserSploder. That is my favorite weapon for my splash Moze build.

If you play on pc, I can hook you up with a few with different elements at M10 lvl 65.

No, I’m on console, but thanks for the offer.

I do have a question about farming. A lot of these guns come from bosses, so does that mean you have to fight your way through each area to reach the boss, every time? I looked up the one from the Agonizer, which is in the Guts. It must take forever to run the gauntlet of enemies each time, just for a shot at the drop.

If you have an artifact’ shield or class mod that gives buffs to ‘movement speed’ you can normally just run psst most enemy encounters until you reach the boss.

Once at the boss, you can save/quit and restart at the closest spawn station so you don’t have to trek your way back every time.

If you farm Agonizer for a Backburner, grab a Crader’s EMP-5 while you’re there. That gun gives you +10% movement speed while carrying it.

So, after the boss fight, you just quit the game, and when you reload you’ll be at the last checkpoint spawn?


Awesome…that’s definitely easier.

It all depends on the build and gear you have. If you have the wrong build and wrong guns, enemies will feel spongey in any Mayhem level.

If your VH can melt M10, you can melt all Mayhem levels. Nothing will be spongey even Sponge Bob in DLC4.

Some guns though even at M10 level are really weak at Mayhem 10. But if you use them at lower Mayhem levels they become strong. Some guns though are OP at any Mayhem level.

If you’re Moze main, I say the best guns for her are in DLC3 and DLC3 has really nice drop rates compare to the other DLCs

The explosive rounds used to be my favorite, but at higher mayhem levels the potential for self-damage is brutal. To the OP: use them if you like, but just be careful at point blank range or you’ll self-shred Iron Bear to pieces. Nowadays I tend to use nukes for mobbing and unaugmented rocket pods for bossing; inexplicably (and thankfully) those two options don’t deal self damage.

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Yes - start there (assuming you are talking about skill points and not GR tokens). Skills are kind of important…

Funny you mention this…I just fired up the game and thought I’d give these dual miniguns a go. Took me about five seconds to kill myself when those psychobillies rushed me.

My character is so squishy out of Iron Bear. Even with a leveled shield, it’s getting broken in one shot and leaving me with so little health. I must need some kind of damage reduction gear or something, because there’s no way I could pull this off being so fragile. Right now I’m just running away to wait for cooldown.