Are mission rewards never anointed?

I’m on mayhem 10 and all the gear is anointed apart from mission rewards, I’m pretty sure they used to be and it was something I was looking forward to collecting in TVHM.

Some mission rewards can’t be anointed, like Buttplug or Pa’s Rifle.

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I’ve just started playing again and have done 2 of the dlc’s and not a single mission reward had anoints on them but if the the base game rewards can be I’ll do another playthrough after I’m done, cheers.

Sometimes I don’t seek an answer because hope and then a mod crushes all my hopes… The torgue pistol from Fustercluck? :’( rip

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You can get base game mission rewards from Veteran Vendor.


I think some mission rewards that can come with an anointment don’t necessarily come with an anointment when given through the conclusion of that mission. If you check Earl’s shop, you can find some of this gear with anointments. I was pleasantly surprised to find some of them that way.


On Mayhem 8-10 you have guaranteed anointed, that counts for drops and mission rewards.
Below that, you only have chance for that bonus, so you can end up without it.

That’s probably what I’m seeing - I park my characters in Sanctuary at MM10 for trips to Earl’s machine, but generally play at MM4.

Sadly, a lot of them can’t be. I’m really hoping this gets changed one day, but I’m not too optimistic.

I need an anointed Leech.

This one is never anointed

I would say some can be but most come with fix parts/values and can’t be annointed.
I would love an annointed Chomper from my part. Or Pa’s rifle.

I think GBX wanted to avoid situations like the Pimpernel from BL2.

I know… Earl’s vending machine is my confirmation that something can or cannot be, and it still pains me not to see it come with that text.