Are mods ok? (ps4)

Every game I join seems that the players have modded weapons, is that ok?

Blame gbx for nerfs and making not enough weapons competitive. I predicted this would happen btw.


The state of the game with 4 builds that are completely capable of doing extreme damage there’s really no reason to even at the highest mayhem levels and Gbx has seen the need for bigger backpack and bank space,as a rule their usage and glitching of skill trees is highly frowned upon within the Forum,i was never a fan of glitching my guns in Bl2 or even crit swapping now, but the choice is ultimately left up to you,i myself have removed persons from my friends list due to seeing their skill trees max’d out or seeing them pickup named stuff that doesn’t appear in game,as always there are plenty of resource’s within are community to help in many ways,stay strong fellow VH.


I found a gun in BL1 that was crazy and very powerful. It was called the “Twisted Nemesis” and it mixed elements like a Nemesis suffix but the prefix was illegal in the code. I didn’t know that and used it for weeks, showing it to friends, and farming crawmerax dozens of times attempting to get another one.

Turned out after some investigation that one of the people I was playing with had been downloading modded weapons and not telling us. He had thrown it into a Crawmerax pile after a fight and I thought it dropped.

Not only did that steal the excitement of finding the gun from me, but it ruined everything I’d done with it, removing my sense of accomplishment and feeling of reward, even causing me embarrassment for showing it off.

I threw it off a cliff in game, save quit and never played with the person again.

I get that people wanna mod this game, but I hate hate when they ruin the experience with others, especially without their consent.


Don’t be to hasty to pat yourself on the back there. BL1 and BL2 both had some serious issues with modded gear floating around too, it just makes sense that people would do it for 3 (especially with community patches and mod packs being developed). I can pretty much guarantee that there would be a similar amount floating around if gbx had never nerfed anything, just seems like a tacked on complaint imo

I don’t really get the point of modding to make weapons more powerful or shields stronger. The game is very doable without those shenanigans. What is the point of saying you accomplished something, in a game no less, when all you did was cheat the system.

Ultimately though people can play the game the way that they want so long as they don’t taint other people’s experiences, as described by @Felixthecoach. That is complete crap. If you are playing SP have at it. Just don’t bring that crap into MP situations.

I think the amount of duping is depressing and makes want to be very careful about who I interact with.



This also isn’t an appropriate place for anyone to discuss why anyone thinks any other answer is okay.

I’ll take any queries over pm.