Are more people playing or?

Did they fix matchmaking because it’s taking a lot less time to find teams

are you on pc? because it’s pretty much the same s*** here on pc… did they drop the ball on the pc version? Because it’s dead atm.

I play on PC and it’s far from dead. If you are playing outside the US, try changing your download location to be US based. You won’t see a big difference during off hours but peak hours is usually less than 5 minutes for a match, sometimes it’s instant.

I think the PC version had a lot of obstacles to climb from the start…like most blizzard “fan boys” ( hate that term by the way) are on PC n with the release of OW it really hurt this game. And its kind of in a genre all its own right now its not really a MOBA or FPS or RPG its somewhere in between which I love but I know some PC gamers who are very loyal to certain games or companies and the MOBA market is a very hard one to get into on the PC with a new game now bc ppl are very loyal to their games (which is fine) it does suck for the ppl on PC who love this game though

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I’m on ps4 and it’s definitely taking less time at least that was the case this morning. Dunno maybe it was something on my end.

I’m on PC and thelongest I’ve waited for a game in 3 weeks has been about 10minutes.

i’m on ps4 as well. the game mode that is usually the quickest to get into is incursion.

Yeah that’s what I play most but up until yesterday the wait times were agonizing.