Are My Saves Linked?

The first toon I imported to Borderlands 2 seems to be linked to another, that is basically the same thing.

I imported “Gaige - DONT PLAY” lvl 61 (she had never even started the game, just a power leveled toon) I did get all my loyalty perks, BTW.
First chance I got in Lairsberg I changed her name to “Gaige-HC-Main” (she is now a lvl 62)

Now when I go to load a toon both are listed with checkmarks next to them when the new one is active. This is not the case for any of my other imported toons.

Are they linked with some sort of voodoo magic? Can I safely delete the old one and not lose any of my BAR or goodies on the new Main?

EDIT: Another thing. When looking at the current mission and time stats for my old one it says that I’m playing The Man That Would Be Jack on UVHM. Quite impossible as she never started the game.

Just posting a pic so y’all know I’m not that crazy.

I can not believe that no one has anything to say about this.

Does anyone anywhere see the two checkmarks thing?

You can delete your old save and not lose any BAR. Although you may lose your items so i would backup your current save. BAR is linked between all saves so if you lose it boot up a new game and it should be fixed.