Are pearlescents really only in General Knoxx's dlc?!

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see title. I didn’t know this until looking up “borderlands pearlescents” just now. :frowning:

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Loving the remaster! But
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Yes. And only from badass enemies, the giant acid-spewing sand spiders (launcher and shotgun), and the Crimson Lance chests but not the standard red boxes. Best time to hunt is PT2.5, with the “It’s Like Christmas” quest from Marcus. And even then they’re stupid rare. Happy hunting

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Also, from Crawmerax, if you can beat him.

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idk if this is 100% accurate or not but it’s close at least. Note that drifters can drop serpens as well (they have the same loot pool as baddass bruisers, which is why they almost always drop crappy white gear )

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