Are Ps4 Servers down? 01-06-2018

(Sub-Zero) #1

Went to buy this game for Ps4, they say their servers are shutdown and no online play?? Is this true? Ive played this before and its fun as hell! was trying to get some people to get the game…

Only problem with this game had no solid deathmatch modes where you just fight each other; like in Halo or any classic shooter.

The minions thing was kinda annoying and Honestly Incursion was the only decent mode, atleast it felt more like death match.

-also needed to balance some characters but other than that solid game! Better than OverCrotch!

(Brute 912) #2

@Sub-Zero I didn’t see any notifications anywhere on server shutdowns for this game. The only thing that was mentioned on around November 2017 was that there would be no updates to the game. It was stalled because of lack of popularity. They would only go back to updates if there was an increase within the gaming community. That and if they finish releasing borderlands 3 (my guess is because they moved their Battleborn design team to other projects).

Only a few group of players still support this game. It’s recommended to get some friends or family members to play this game. And make some friends along the way within PVE and PVP matchmaking.

(MentalMars) #3

There has been a stigma for a long time that Battleborn is dead. So that doesn’t help with the promotion of the game.

A lot of people misunderstood the message Gearbox had send out that they stopped active development. It means that they are not making any new content for the game. A lot of people took this as the game is shutting down.

Back in march 2018, a GBX developer was vlogging his road trip. In this video it was mentioned that Battleborn isn’t shutting down. I spoke with someone of the Battleborn Team to double check this. There are no plans to shutdown Battleborn.

The Battleborn Free Trial is a “mislabeled” Free to Play title.
Each week there is a new rotation of free characters.
There is no time limit on the game.
Is Battleborn still worth buying? My blog goes more in-depth on that topic.