Are Ps4 Servers down? 01-06-2018

Went to buy this game for Ps4, they say their servers are shutdown and no online play?? Is this true? Ive played this before and its fun as hell! was trying to get some people to get the game…

Only problem with this game had no solid deathmatch modes where you just fight each other; like in Halo or any classic shooter.

The minions thing was kinda annoying and Honestly Incursion was the only decent mode, atleast it felt more like death match.

-also needed to balance some characters but other than that solid game! Better than OverCrotch!

@Sub-Zero I didn’t see any notifications anywhere on server shutdowns for this game. The only thing that was mentioned on around November 2017 was that there would be no updates to the game. It was stalled because of lack of popularity. They would only go back to updates if there was an increase within the gaming community. That and if they finish releasing borderlands 3 (my guess is because they moved their Battleborn design team to other projects).

Only a few group of players still support this game. It’s recommended to get some friends or family members to play this game. And make some friends along the way within PVE and PVP matchmaking.

There has been a stigma for a long time that Battleborn is dead. So that doesn’t help with the promotion of the game.

A lot of people misunderstood the message Gearbox had send out that they stopped active development. It means that they are not making any new content for the game. A lot of people took this as the game is shutting down.

Back in march 2018, a GBX developer was vlogging his road trip. In this video it was mentioned that Battleborn isn’t shutting down. I spoke with someone of the Battleborn Team to double check this. There are no plans to shutdown Battleborn.

The Battleborn Free Trial is a “mislabeled” Free to Play title.
Each week there is a new rotation of free characters.
There is no time limit on the game.
Is Battleborn still worth buying? My blog goes more in-depth on that topic.


Because in some Gamestops, they marked it with a sticky note “servers shutdown” heck i can freely work for 2k if it means working on BattleBorn!

WAIT WHAT :dizzy_face::scream::exploding_head:
That is nuts


Yes this is no joke, the price for the game is like 2 bucks. I was gonna Buy this for a friend so he can play it. Anyway, I asked the clerk and they said the servers are shutdown. I was like, i just played this like a couple months ago. They were like yeah its shut down. Me: so no players on there and cant play offline? Clerk: yeah,
Me: when was this shutdown?
Clerk: November

So yeah i felt she didnt know what she was talking about but she gave a firm November as shutdown.

Ive seen this on another gameshop as well, they had it stickied on the game. The guy was like yeah their servers shutting down. This is was for the Ps4 game bythe way

Bad news that aint even tru is screwing our Battleborn, and Battleborn is way funner in terms compared to OverCrotch, just poor game modes and balance.

Just balance some of those insane milee characters like Boulder, and add some freggin power to Whiskey. Cant shoot these fools down at all, He feels really weak, cant escape.these fools cause they run as faster than Whiskey,

Foxtrot Whiskey: add bleed on Milee knife strike
Or conditional stun or slow on the knife.
Those are my things for Whiskey in update list.

Boulder: lessen the damned regeneration, or make shield regenarate much slower once its destroyed.

Galilea: give her speed attacks but lower the status effects and range.

Also is Ghalt considered overpowered? He feels pathetic. I dont know how you use this bastard

Thorns hitbox is kind of annoying. I faced her and it wasnt pretty, she kept dodging easy vs Whiskey

I don’t like Boldur either, but that’s because of PTSD from how unkillable he USED to be. Now he’s more balanced, and not as big of a deal if your team has stuns.

You don’t want that, trust me. She used to be able to run while attacking. Those were dark days… She’s pretty much the same as Boldur in terms of counterplay, but has an easier escape as opposed to higher health regen.

He hasn’t been considered overpowered since his scraptraps were nerfed (because they used to stun), although he IS powerful in a communicating team. There have been times where i have died before i reached the end of his pull, due to every one of his teammates firing on me at once. I’ve done that to quite a few people myself with him, haha.

That’s Thorn, all right. Seriously though, treat Whiskey like a sniper, and you’ll be fine. He’s arguably the best tank buster in the game because of his ult, his super accurate fire while scoped in, and how easy it is to get crits on many characters.


@Sub-Zero The same happened to my experience at GameStop, I asked why no Battleborn merchandise or the game itself on the shelves. These guys were being blunt about the game with lies. One of them was wearing a power ranger T-shirt, replacing the thunderbolt symbol with a slice pizza (If I can recall, it was a parody version of Ninja turtles) :sweat_smile::unamused: Anyways, he said that the game made no sense and I asked why and then he said the first level was like a freakin’ maze. That was total bull crap right there. I asked the other guy and he just said he rather play a baseball game or whatever sport game he mentioned instead of Battleborn. These guys were just lame dorks to me. I’m sick of these Battleborn haters that don’t give this game a chance or get good at it. I want that day to come where it’s us Battleborn champions versus Overwatch runts on planet Doom. I like to wreck their Reinhardt with Dreadwind and watch our Wolf Sentry beat the crap out of their Bastion. This has to happen someday just so they realize they messed with the wrong Battleborn. :sunglasses:

These Battleborn haters at game stop need to get fired. If it we’re me, I would take a picture of that and send it through e-mail on the hire ups and owners of GameStop and let them know what their employees are doing. This is sabotage and no game should be misrepresented like that. It ain’t cool.

Just want to confirm here-- The servers for Battleborn are not shut down.
There’s still an active player base looking for new people to play with.

You can download and play the free trial of Battleborn now for PS4. We do free character rotations every week so you can try out new characters and strategies (This week is Beatrix, Marquis, Boldur, Ernest, Caldarius, and Shayne and Aurox!). This progression with the characters is also saved-- so it’s not like you’re always back at square one. Paying for the game unlocks all the characters, story, and private matches.


The purpose of Gamestop is to sell whatever the hot new thing is (hardware or software), scam people on exchanges, and get pre-orders. This has always been how Gamestop has functioned, right down to deceiving customers to make those things happen. (This was admittedly many years ago, but I’ve seen Gamestop employees blatantly lie about the capabilities of consoles currently on the market to convince customers to pre-order one that wouldn’t be out for a year.) Battleborn players can’t expect much sympathy from them unless somehow selling Battleborn serves one of the three above functions.


I think this thread has served its purpose, and there’s not much to be gained from thrashing a retail outlet that may very well go the way of the dinosaur in the next few years. So, moving on…