Are PvP games never supposed to get to level 10?

Serious question.

I don’t think I’ve had a single game go to level 10 yet. This is kind of lame as you miss out on talents and mutations that are higher up. I think most of my games tend to end around the level 8 range. Even when it’s not a blowout I seem to never hit 10.

Can we maybe up the Exp gains on PvP maps or something? It’s more fun when people’s characters actually get to unlock full potential, some heroes really come into their own in the late game but fail in the early.

If this happened; everyone would level rapidly and the early game players would become less viable, not only that but rushing to outlevel the enemy team with your late game team would be a redundant tactic and everyone would just be launching their ults everywhere.

Building levels you faster than slaying, farm shards and build early, clear minion waves for XP, play for the objective not the kill and you’ll level fast. Have you ever looked at the scoreboard and wondered how an Oscar Mike with 3 kills got to level 5 so fast? Build and clear :wink:

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Levelling may need a little tweak (I have rarely made level 10 in PVP but I have done it) but if so then not by much. We wouldn’t want all players to easily reach level 10 or there’d be little point in levels, you need to work for them.

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Uhhh, am I the only one who gets to level ten just about every match here? The only game mode I find it rare to not get to level ten (when it’s not a blowout) is capture because the games are roughly half as long but it makes up for it by having the minions giving you instant level ups which also make getting to level 10 fairly easy as almost no one seems to realize this and the minions are just chillin everywhere.

What game mode are you playing? On meltdown I rarely hit level 10, the matches are too short but I easily hit 10 in the majority of Incursion matches.

I reach level 10 most games, I try to be well rounded in how I play to achieve this, collecting shards, placing buildables, killing minions and of course killing other players. I’ve not noticed any problem with it if I’m honest, but it could be due to the type of character (support/aggressive/defensive/and so on).

Mostly incursion to be honest but I play meltdown and capture from time to time. I guess that’s why I hit lvl 10 so frequently

Although there are a ton of minions to kill in meltdown and player confrontations are much higher so…

Unless it’s a surrender stomp, any game that goes above 17-18 minutes in Overgrowth Incursion will have someone be level 10 if they control the buildable and thralls.

Every other map either ends too fast or focus too little on other objective that doesn’t provide a win to the game that you don’t really get to benefit from the other source of exp.

you want your minion kills to be somewhere around 60. let that be a starting point. this is in meltdown. in incursion there is definitely opportunity for way more. make sure you keep your lane built up as far as turret and accelerators go, and healing station. as long as you clear your lane and build something, you literally can level up basically every minion wave

Yep I never fail to get to lvl 10 unless that match is a landslide but even then I’m not far off.

I always get 10. Tis be bout the minions :smile:

I hit level 10 every game, even when I’m not getting many player kills. You must not be doing much :joy:

I play Kleese the majority of the time on Incursion.

I generally stay by the first sniper ledge, lobbing out mortars onto minion waves and spending my days trying to potshot other people off their ledge with my Rifts next to me behind a wall to outlast the trade. Doubly so when I take Wrist Laser. Sometimes I drop the 3rd Rift into the minion wave as well for extra aoe.

I usually build 2-4 minions in a match and sometimes solo the single Merc camp early on. I would be curious to know what BB everyone here saying they have no problem with is using. My guess is you guys mostly play actual DPS classes that have no problem securing killshots or minion kills easier.

Kleese can do some decent damage for sure but it takes a few levels to get going and even then, still not like he’s an actual DPS equivalent.

I think the major issue is probably the fact that most games end way before it’s even possible to get to 10. Surrenders and stomps abound.

I play orendi, Oscar mike, galilea, whisky foxtrot etc.

So yeah, more damage characters.