Are Recursions on Moze any Good?

I have about 6 in my vault…never used.

I only play Moze…so far…

I know they are great on Amara…but Moze??

It’s great for mobbing. You can do the same bullet multiplication effect that makes Amara builds so powerful with Moze using the Green Monster and elemental damage anoints.

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Ammo retention would be amazing for the Binary variants which burn though ammo on M4.

you don’t actually burn through much ammo with it, and you’re better off with the smaller mag size to maximize card damage. it falls off hard once density is low, so you rarely use more than 1 clip for a each mob area, and switch to a better solo target weapon once the trash is cleared and you’re left with high HP targets.

that said, the recursion is amazing for mobbing because of this. clearing out the trash is really beneficial for dealing with adverse M4 modifiers, particularly the extra projectile modifier. 8-10 shotgun ammo is an extremely efficient way of clearing out areas, and if the density is high enough you’ll often take out a few higher hp targets too. the only drawback is the same one you have with amara; physical obstructions mess with its performance.