Are servers down

hey are the servers down… i was playing solo and round finished, got kicked to title screen now i cant connect at all… keeps sayings internet time out error… my internet is fine, works on all other games… if this is going to be a sign of things to come with this game then i cant see it lasting long… £63 for a game that wont load up : (

Not news, moved for ya.

I just checked a few discord a and all seemed well over there

sorry for posting in wrong section, thanks for moving it…
i cant get past the initial load screen, press x to start and all i get is … player initialization failed… check network and try again…

If you can’t get it go here

they should be able to help

Seems to be a lot of similar posts. I’m wondering if it’s regional? For example, there was a burst of such complaints yesterday around school/work quitting time in the eastern US but, when I finally had a chance to get on the game an hour or so later, I had no problems.

What regions/time zone are you in?

Suggestion to mods (@Derch, @Kitty_Jo): Would it help to create a “Having Connection Problems?” thread, with a note to include region/zone/time/platform? If there is some sort of pattern, it might help.

That may be a better question for @JoeKGBX

Havent been able to properly play any PVP for two days now. No players ever join. Canada

same issue here… I could play solo but it never connected me to anyone on public ever but randomly once at 4am one morning… I’m in central US. Memphis TN… tonight though the game has player initialization failed and won’t even let me into the game at all. I hope this is just some kind of server maintenance and they are going to fix the broken matchmaking atleast… I somehow doubt it though

Server issues today

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For anyone else that might be experiencing server issues today:

We’re aware that some people are experiencing hiccups, and our team has been looking into them. It will help us a great deal if you can include the following information wherever applicable:

-What platform are you playing on?
-How often are you experiencing this issue(s) if it’s happened repeatedly?
-In the case of server lag, how noticeable is it?
-How many games have you experienced this in?
-Does it feel like its the server or the ■■■■■■?

Finally, please include your Support ID in your post and I’ll make sure the team sees it.

Thanks, everyone!

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