Are Shepherds Major or Minor enemies?

So the title basically says it all, are shepherds major or minor enemies? Or something else?

The reason why I’m asking is because I’ve only seen the enemies being divided into Major enemies and Minor enemies respectively, yet shepherds seems to be contradictory.

Kelvin’s Chomp instantaneously kills any minor enemy.
Kelvin can’t kill the shepherds with one use of Chomp.
The shepherd can’t be a minor enemy.

Attikus gains 5 stacks when he kills a major enemy.
Attikus doesn’t gain 5 stacks from killing a shepherd.
The shepherd can’t be a major enemy.

Either I’m missing something or my logic fails me at some point. And if that’s the case, I’m not sure whether it’s the conclusion, the premises or something else :sweat_smile:


Dunno, but they are annoying…

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…Logic doesn’t apply to them, they are unreal.

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There is a middle ground, not all enemies are major or minor. I can go in more depth in a few hours when I’m not on my phone, if you want.

I don’t think turrets count as either. I know this doesn’t answer your question. I just thought I would point out an example of an enemy that does not fit either category but, has its own, buildables. I can see why they would be in some kind of middle ground though. Too common to offer the same benefits as a major enemy, too precious to die by single chomp.

How about Kid Ultras passive? Do they count for the big or small bonus?

Yes please, am kinda curious as to what these count for and what it means in practice. When I started thinking about it (which is quite rare), I remembered that story (which was way too long ago I played) has multiple of those such as Brutes, Hunters and Berserkers.

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I should be back home in an hour or two. Did you want me to just break down PvP, or both modes with the help of lowlines’ site? Although the new OPS enemies will take some time to figure out since I don’t have them on hand, and they aren’t a guaranteed spawn.

Primarily how the effects of the in-between enemies are treated. I.e if Kid Ultra’s pasige procs. If so which version? If Kelvin kills one of them with a Chomp, will he get 25 or 75 max health stacked? Or something in between etc.

To my knowledge, if something has a mandatory proc rate, then the game just rounds the middle grounders down to minor enemies. So for some examples…

  • KUs passive will always proc on a kill participation so…
  • Minor kills count as minor enemies
  • Middle kills are rounded down to minor kills
  • And major kills count as major

And this is *always the case for things like Attikus’ passive, Kelvin Chomp stacks, Deande’s R10 Gathering storm, Phoebe’s Raddoppio, etc…

But if something doesn’t have to proc every time you kill/damage an enemy, then the middle grounders are completely ignored (last time I checked) for some stupid reason. So some examples…

  • Blue Jennerit shard gen (+1.4 shards for 10 sec after minor enemy kill)
  • Minor enemy kill = +1.4 shard gen for 10 sec
  • Middle enemy kill = nothing
  • Major enemy kill = nothing like it should

Same thing for Ghalt’s L10 Run ‘n’ Gun, Orendi’s Pillarstorm, most blue & green Jen gear, Vampiric Vestment, etc…

So the rules.

  • If it’s major or minor, then it rounds down the middle grounders to minor.
  • If it’s only major, then only major kills can proc it. Middle kills do nothing.
  • If it’s only minor, then only minor kills can proc it. Middle kills do nothing.

*Disclaimer: I haven’t tested this in a while, so they may have changed it. And it’s really late, so I can’t go in game tonight, but I’ll try to remember to do a brief check Sunday if you’d like.


Thanks, appreciate the clarification!

I apreciate it too! Thx