Are skins even worth it anymore?

What happened to the originally promised tier 3 skins that opt for changes? remember how the S&A and marquis skins that required change and were f*cking awesome for that? Why aren’t we getting any more of those?

and NO I’m not talking about adding a detail that wasn’t there before, oh that took so much effort, I mean actually changing the outfit.

^^Keep this in mind when making alternate faction skins (not just color pallets.)

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I never heard GBX was “promising” or guarantee more skins in this fashion.
Is there a reliable source?

Also your title is a bit confusing… the skins did´nt change and the prices did´nt really change, so why “anymore”?

But yeah, of course it would be nice to get more high detailed & intricate skins.

back in the young days when skins where first coming around people got upset that the skins were basic color swaps and added nothing new

you don’t see things like Marquis and S&A (and Isics tree skin if you’re stretching it) anymore

isn’t isic’s tree skin relatively recent though? Yeah they don’t do tier 3 skins much (There were only what, 3? Shayne, Marquis, and arguably wrath?")

But other skins like Nintendo Isic, Sheriff Orendi, jester Orendi, etc, etc, are all awesome.

I just hate how most of the Ops skins are basic monochrome swaps like the defaults. Not much of a reward.

Alot very cool and detailed skins got added over the last months, and currently we get more on the Marketplace almost every week.

Like the Thunderbird-skin for Benedict (rainbow effects), the mediaval skins were all highly detailed imo, same for Deandes amazing “Imposter”-skin.
I found all of those far cooler than Marquis´ “Swimwear” to be honest…

Indeed! I like Kid Ultras new skin too, which changes soundeffects.
Same for Rath´s icecream-skin. Wear it constantly with him^^
The Jester-skin adds sounds too - the bells jingle when Orendi moves.

I have only very few MT-skins, but I´d like to know if Miko´s skins change the mushroom to if deployed. LLC-healing-mushroom or monster-mushroom. Sadly I never met Miko´s with these skins so far… If the healing-shroom changes I´d say these skins would be T3 too.

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they do, I can take some screenies if you’re interested

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Thats cool to know, thank you alot! :heart:
Now I´m really tempted to buy one of them… so hard to decide, both are so cool^^

nah, those skins are good and all but nothing special, just detail added to color swap

“Detailed” =/= redesign, Marquis schwimwear skin removed hist standard coat and clothing which was a cool perspective, all these skins just have coloring added onto them, not the same at all

The balloon animal skin is still by far the best in the game.

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I don’t even play Shayne that much and I agree with this statement. From the gentle(?) sounds of the balloons twisting to the little “squeak!” noises from when she lands from a jump to the hilarious deflation effect at the end of Tag Team (or when Shayne loses her shield), it’s a great outfit all around.


sorry took a while, were busy, here you go:

Our Final Form Skin

Our Corporate Sponsorship Skin

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Imagine if they animated the eyes on the Our Final Form skin…

I’d like to point out that premium skins for Kelvin also affect the look of his Ice Wall. I do agree though, that it would be nice to see at least one new model (tier 3) skin for every character.

It’s a very tiny detail, but the Fires of Tempest and Grid Iron skins for Attikus completely change his glow mapping, and Grendel not only removes it completely, but it replaces the heavy metallic audio effects of his hedronic gauntlet with wooden noises.