Are the 2 other turrets good at all?

So I usually play only Story mode PVE. Both solo and with a group

I always go for the “Thumper” turrets and those seem to do extraordinarily well. Sometimes in solo play I can just put down lots of Thumper turrets and just go afk for a bit or to the restroom and when I come back the enemies will be defeated

So I unlocked Rank 5 “Thumper” turret challenge and decided to start building “Stinger” and “Shock” turrets just to get Rank 5 on those also and MY GOD

Those suck so bad. I won’t even go a single wave before they are all destroyed usually. Is there any secret to these turrets or are they good for specific people or only in PVP cuz in PVE they aren’t doing me a ny good

I’d say those are only good in PvP. Heck if I know why though.

in PVE, Thumper turret + stun trap(I can’t remember this trap name. flash trap?) is best choice.
so yes stinger and shock turret is really bad in PVE mode. stinger and shock not have long-range / shock ability is useless. shock can break enemy shield but PVE enemy not have big shield

I thought that the stinger was supposed to be a long ranged sustained DPS turret. Thought thumper was more bursty aoe turret. The other turret (I don’t even know its name) is a medium ranged turret that slows a target which is good for, slowing targets? I mean, I guess that’s useful, but considering that in pve one deals with a lot of targets then its usefulness is limited.

But the thumper just seems to be a better version of all them (especially in pvp) since it has a long range and high dps with a solid slow in pvp

The only time I use the lighting turret is on the experiment mission with bolder during the 3rd or so defense.

A ■■■■ load of enemies spawn on one side and it’s simply too much for a thumper to take care of at that range. So in order to get a little bit more use out of a turret I go with lightning because at least it will damage the majority of the enemies somewhat.

And stinger turrents aren’t good for anything :slight_smile:

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some guy called me a moron for building stinger turrets i proceeded to keep building stinger turrets to add to his anger :v:


shock works well against alot of weak adds…But even then thumper stun is better

Theoretically, they’re range. Thumper is supposed to be better at range, stinger are mid range, and zapper is close. The damage doesn’t scale properly, though. Zappers will kill shields pretty quickly. Stingers are legitimately not worth the money.
I’m sure it’s on their to do list, but due to the crying pvp-ers , so it might take a bit.

Thumpers slow, that is their strength. In PvP they are objective defense turrets for this reason, in PvE they are particularly good on defense missions where they slow major enemies to prevent them from reaching the objective and give you the opportunity to kill such ememies without being pushed back. Temporal traps and temporal drones work the same way, slow for the win in both PvP and PvE. A slowed enemy is a dead enemy every time.

I think the stinger turrets deliver long range AOE damage as well since the rockets explode.

The lightning turrets work well in close range with a lot of enemies because it chains from enemy to enemy, so it can hit a bunch at once. They usually have these right in the middle of where the teams clash in Incursion. Stinger turrets are basically just having another person shooting at the enemy in PvP. They’re really useful for tipping a 1v1 fight because they are placed in neutral territory.

Thumper. Stingers are the machine guns.