Are the add on characters canon?

Will gaige, krieg, lady hammerlock, and jacks doppleganger timothy reappear in the series or are they just there for an addition to the games. I thought that the vault hunters were capturing any previous vault hunters or people working with jack to capture that first vault but then that would mean they would have to capture lady hammerlock and doppleganger jack if they are still alive. Would any of these characters even make reappearences in later games?

Yeah, the Holodome also includes dialogue by Gaige, the opening bit from Hammerlock’s DLC shows Gaige in it, and the final cutscene from Tina’s DLC shows both Gaige and Krieg. So it seems very likely that any Vault Hunter we haven’t seen killed off is canon.

Timothy was in BL2.

wait, did i kill timothy at opportunity?

As far as I know, yes. Axton and Gadge found Aurelia while searching for another vault, and brought her back with them(as heard during the hollodome storytime)

No. Once you take the watch you can see that it’s just another soldier is disguise.

No, that was a weak engineer, who didn’t use doubles. If you notice when you kill him, he reverts to the body of a engineer, while Timothy was surgicly modified to look like Jack, something shooting him a few times would not revert.

Whenever this has come up before, the majority have felt that the body double in Opportunity was not Timothy but some other more schmuck. Especially as Angel mentions finding “one of Jack’s body doubles”, meaning that there are more out there. Plus some of Timothy’s dialogues implies he’s not exactly enamoured either with his job or his employer.

I believe they are correct because Timothy was “changed” as part of the job requirements. I am just wondering where Timothy was in BL2. Please don’t spoil it but a hint may help, like was it in the main game, or a dlc?


He was all over the place. He’s the final boss.

What??? Timothy (Doppelganger character in the Pre-Sequel) is NOT Jack, even though he’s called Jack. So he’s also not the final boss in BL2.

Plot twist.
That was Tim.
jack is still alive and will be the antagonist in BL3


Plot twist twist. Timothy went mad, killed Jack himself, and then took over Hyperion. That was Timothy, and now both Jack and Timothy are deader than proverbial door nails, and we can discover the REAL enemy in BL3 (remember all those vaules? “War is coming!”)’

Which means BL3 takes place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland on an alternate time-line earth, and I will be a happy vault hunter.

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M.Night Shamalon Plot twist:
That was a clone of tim and jack is really Roland and roland is hiding under Tiny Tina’s bed.

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