Are the Beta Forums Going to be Taken Down?


With Battleborn launching in the next 9 and a half hours, are the Beta forums still going to be up? Will they be archived? I like the layout of the Beta forum a little better with its division of characters in their own sub forum. Will this be implemented into the main forum?

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@JoeKGBX will have to handle this one, I don’t know.

Be patient though everyone at the office is crazy busy today.


Yeah, I understand. I was just curious how it was going to work. Good luck with everything though! Hopefully things won’t be too difficult for the devs so they can enjoy the game tonight and tomorrow with their fans!

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They might be left up, because the CTT ones were hidden but this is, well, an open beta. There is lots of info, so I think it might just be locked and left to view though…