Are the boils the precursor to

Rats? do they end up spreading down to pandora? If so maybe this will be a lil side story in Bl3 and involve trying to cure them


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weren’t the rats an eridium experiment? the boils were a product of lazlo’s experiments with the brain bugs? i think they used and modified the rats game model.

Maybe its also possible jack used lazlos experiments on other people to make like super soldiers or something

what? did you even do the missions from tassiter and Lazlo? did you listen to Lazlo’s echoes? Did you play BL2 thru The Fridge or the TMNT mission from Tannis? not trying to be a dick, honest question.

it is possible but improbable.

Yes but he simply could of done experiments of his own and changed it a lil bit. I doubt its that hard to do

the rats were mutated by eridium. Lazlo used a parasitic organism.

But when one talks at the beginning it says “Rat” or is that the devs being lazy again?

I thought they may have been something like the origin of the rats but more likely it was just laziness and a reuse of already made animations.

what do you mean? a boil says it or an npc?

True. Its also possible that jack tried a similar process but with eridium instead of the brain bug. @shaolincfh when you go into the infested area when it says " my worm is full of minds " it says rat on the echo portrait

this is likely because we dont know exactly the processes he (jack or Lazlo) used in the experimentation. im in that area with a coupe of toons so i will check into that later tonight. This makes me curious, you see.

True maybe the story dlc will shed some light onto this subject

i doupt it will. Only because very few DLC have advanced the actual storyline of Borderlands. there are a bunch of things that need clarification plot wise. Tassiter for instance is still alive in BL2 after Jack becomes CEO. you hear him in the Get to Know Jack mission

True maybe the boils are another continuity error

i think they may have overlooked the rat echo thing you noticed but i dont think they are a continuity error. tho i could be wrong.

I never did find many of those echos.

I guess I should do that.

I just assumed the boils were from the eridium runoff and became the rats. Some of them sure look and act exactly like rats.

the echoes are a pain to find at first. there are two echoes in the room where you meet lazlo. underneath the floor he starts on and up on the ledge in the right corner on the ground where he jumps to. Next, in the room he unlocks there is a machine in the pit right next to entrance and it is on top when you first enter, just look down over the edge. 2 in the room with the boilthingys he wants you to destroy. one is on the outside edge up on a machine and the other is on a pile of garbage near one of the boil-pile-thingys. hope my terrible descriptions help you. really only the first 2-3 echoes make sense and describe the events that lead to Lazlo going insane and releasing the brain bugs. i feel bad for lazlo cuz Zarpaderp tricks the poor dude (which doesnt make much sense anyway) into releasing the bugs and infecting his friends and himself.

yes they certainly act and sound like the rats, i dont miss the thieving rat bastards tho. but i think they just reused and altered the rats model to serve their purpose. which is why i dont get why there are no effin GOLIATHS! BEST MOB EVER!!! how much awesome would a jet-pack-god-liath be?

I don’t know where these echos fit in the timeline of BL1, TPS and BL2 but they do seem to fit. That last echo might be right before Jack becomes president, actually.