Are the boils the precursor to

That sounds like it would be a great raid boss.

tassiter mentions how jack intimidated the other share holders and it wont work on him and it contradicts the end scene in tps where jack strangles tassiter

I’m not disagreeing but what is said or shown in TPS that contradicts with the echos in BL2?

The dialog in the Echo is right before the TPS scene where Jack strangles Tassiter. Imagine it as: BL2 echo: “Do you know the difference between choking and strangling?” -> TPS scene: Jack strangling Tassiter.

maybe… he may be refering to the other board members when he was getting fired and hired and fired again. that makes sense now thanks

Hmm, I believe you can’t have goliaths in vacuum. They would destroy their Oz-Kit and slowly die without any help.

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I thought the equivalent of Goliaths were Muggers. No proof just kinda assumed

Aren’t mugger non-shielded Nomads?

thats what i presumed. the only enemy that “evolves” are the eternals. muggers are equivalent to nomads

so when i got to veins again with nisha i was to close and killed the boil before he could speak :disappointed:

@ACNAero the jack echo in BL2, i think tassiter mentions that Jack got to be the CEO by intimidating the other board members, and in the tps end scene he becomes ceo by killing Tassiter…? to me, at least, they seem to contradict eachother. not that it really matter :sweat_smile: and the strangle echo is him talkin to Blake about strangling some dude that asks about his wife or corrects him(i could be wrong tho)…

Consistency = Optional

haha true. i love these games all the same and maybe more so because of it!

Why do I feel like Borderlands is the worst nightmare of every plot purist? xD

not even remotely a big deal but why is it even an issue, they had source material. why “change” anything? it is like superhero movies or movie adaptations of books. :sweat_smile: it reminds me abit of the star wars prequels. stupid midiclorians.

If you listen to the Commentary for episode 4, George says the midiclorians were what the explanation always was, but when he was making 4, he wanted to explain as little about the universe as possible. He assumed that everyone knew the universe already so that he wouldn’t have to sit around explaining worthless stuff.

Now, is he lying? I don’t know. Is there any way to find out what was in his head in 1974? Nope. So I’m taking it for truth.

At the same time, is it worth getting worked up about a movie? Nope.

when was that commentary recorded? on the re-release when he changed so many things? i can get behind the explaining only because it starts at ep4. it just takes away from the “force” as i knew it when you look at it as a symbiote or from a biological perspective. i like to pretend the middle 3/5’s of the Phantom menace doesnt exist! the only good parts of the movie are the begining with Qui-gonn and Obi-wan and the duel of fates at the end. they shouldnt have killed qui-gonn so fast tho

dont mistake my comennts as being worked up, i may be a fan boy but im not that crazy over it :grinning:

It was recorded for the DVD release.

And what did he change? He added the scene with Han and the Hutt (I’m blanking on his name right now) and added some flavor that wasn’t there to begin with, but for the most part he left the actual movie alone.

i have the RotJ with the young anakin not the old one. i am not positive but didnt the timing on han and greedo change to?

Nope. Exactly the same. It’s been debated since the film came out of who shot first.

i couldnt care less who shot. i love all those movies and waiting somewhat patiently for the next film! are you looking foward to it?

on topic: was back in the Veins again during the mission and the boil didnt give his lil speech :confounded: