Are the Borderlands characters living in a simulation?

Can’t help but feel like “Borderlands” refers to the chunks of land in the game with borders protected by the angry turrets that annihilate us if we try to escape the limits of the simulation.

How do we explain Mayhem Mode? How does this one little console on a rickety spaceship alter the fundamental physics of an entire universe?

They’ve gotta be living in a simulation right? All our struggles and sorrows and dancing and dreams are entertainment for an alien race somewhere. Who do we dance for? And when can we break free to punch them in the dick!

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How do we explain the new-u stations? in the same way: Not canon.

Mayhem mode is simulation, Tannis talked about it before you activate the mode.

All of Borderlands is a story told by Marcus.


That would be so sick if it turned out Handsome Jack created this whole simulation to help him locate Vault Keys.
Orr maybe all of us players are competing in this simulation to become Jack’s new killer flesh-puppet.

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was about to say, it’s a story being told to us. we’re not really experience it real time. if we were, how would we explain tiny tina’s assault on dragon’s keep for example?

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I’d say yes, since they are all fictional characters in a game

Really no one should ever try to explain Tiny Tina’s Assualt on Dragon’s Keep.

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“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”

We are just simulations of a simulation playing in a simulation of a simulation, on a simulation

Cocaines a helluva drug