Are the Borderlands Insiders Rewards going to be available in game?

Curious what you guys think… do you think the heads and skins available right now will be able to be collected in game? Or do you think these are exclusive to the insiders and this is our only chance to get them?

They are called “VIP” skins and heads so I would expect them to be exclusive to the promotion.


I believe that these are specifically made for the VIP program

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I could see the VIP heads/skins being available free only via the VIP program BUT be made available as premium skins that you can pay for with money.

The heads offered I would never use, so there is 7000 points saved. The skins are good ones I would use, but do not want to spend 7000 points on. The weapon rewards are my priority.

The game would be off to a strong start, offering exclusive, otherwise unobtainable things, before it even releases.

Might as well have a BL3 gun equivalent of the Grog Nozzle event be a pre-release only random VIP Weaponizer roll.

Much apologism vs gnashing of teeth and Gibbing.

Epic idea.