Are the cmdo-tp and empr-tp heads in yet?

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Hi i’ve been trying to get the heads for a while and i am not even sure if they are in the game I’ve heard that they are and that they aren’t does anybody know if they are actuallly in the game yet?

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Try empyrean sentinel, I’m almost positive at least one if not both of those heads were in Zarpedon’s Loot Pool, which got moved into the Sentinels


I can confirm Empyrean Sentinel dropped Cmdo-Tp head first run on normal yesterday. Haven’t gotten the Empr-Tp to drop, would love to hear if someone else has gotten it on Handsome Collection.

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Which version dropped it, raid version, or story version?


Story version.

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Dropped from Zarp - should now be in Sentinel pool.

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If CMDO is the head with a beret, it drops from the Sentinel; story mode.

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The other head drops from Felicity surprisingly.

I got the Voodoo Doll skin for Nisha from her a few days back, was way too excited to take a pic though.

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See that beautiful orange head flying?

Yes! It is!

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Just got CMD0-TP today after killing the sentinel in normal mode over and over from lvl 26 to 31 :blush: !

YAY !!!

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I’m still farming for both the heads Felicity (story mission ) has gotten killed 12 time so far by cannon balls to the face as Pirate ships can be vault hunters. 2 days farming sentinel and got nothing but a lot of levels.

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