Are the cosmetic skins rip offs? In my opinion the answer is yes

The top tier skins cost 700- the exact, same as a friggin expansion OP

that makes no sense, but I under stand in a business sense you would want to get every peny possible.
So GBX can you shorten the cost of thins in market place for skins (and taunts if you’re generous) cause fr this is robbery. paying $5 for a teir 3 skin -_-

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oops posted in the wrong thread, can mods move this to general discussion pls

You should REALLY consider changing the title of your thread, as it not only erroneously disguises your opinion as a fact, but also looks more like a rant than a thread that invites discussion on the matter…

That being said, i’ll use the age-old argument for microtransactions: If you think it’s too expensive, don’t buy it. The skins and taunts are PURELY cosmetic, and are in no way an element of gameplay that you are being cheated out of. Calling the prices “robbery” because you don’t agree with them is also not a very good way to make your case, and usually results in developers ignoring you.


To be fair, there are also bundles you can buy, both for plat, which makes each unit of platinum less expensive, and for skins, which makes each individual skin cost less platinum - further reducing $ cost for each skin.

The Ops are the only thing that should be priced fairly, because it’s new content and also new sources of gear … but even then the season pass saves you some $ and gets you hero keys saving you credits as well.

But skins are purely cosmetic. The price point on them is typically set based purely on maximizing $ earned. If they were $0.50 each they’d sell them to a lot more people, but make much less money overall because of the low price point. And the more money they earn from skins, the more they can spend on updates, bug fixes, and extra free content like new modes.

If they’re not your cup of tea, then you don’t need to buy them … but please, rather than dissing the devs over the price point, thank the people who DO buy the skins, because they are in fact paying for YOU to continue getting free updates without spending another dime on the game.


That’s because it is a fact .-. A skin =/= an expansion map

also terrible argument, I want to enjoy all the game has to offer. Others want to enjoy what the game has to offers. Is sucking every penny of your loyal fanbase a sign of being a good publisher or whoever sets the price? Nah


Anyway, skins aren’t expensive. Even with a paid internship anyone can afford to buy some with their first hour of work. If you enjoy the game so much, spending some money can be great for the growth of the game.


The medieval skins cost $700 a peice. there were 6 skins in that pact, 700 x 6 = 4,200. 2,800 - 4,200 =1,400
buying six skins for the price of four isn’t that big a deal. Besides maybe I don’ want all the skins and I just want two, I’d be better off not buying a bundel lel

I never said the Ops were unfair

and how am I dissing the devs? They’re cleary ripping us off and that is a fact. $5 for an OP is ok, $5 for a skin is just overpriced. I didn’t say make them 50 cents tho lol just make them cheaper therefore more fair

and you’re right, I outta thank myself since I did buy skins :’) Thank you me <3

bruh it’s robbery. $5 for a skin is bad enough but when you charge the exact same for an expansion than it only makes that more apparent. I agree with what Lfstrafe said a while back, they see this loyal fanbase and are trying to make as much money off of them as possible

Except it’s not just the decision of Gearbox when it comes to pricing.
There’s a little company that publishes their titles named 2K

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Nobody likes Microtransactions. how do you expect the game to flourish with borderline EA levels of trickery

so I was right, the game publishers

The same publishers that charged you $2+ for weapons skins in Evolve.
I personally don’t have an issue with the skins being premium content, but I do have an issue with the pricing on a few of them, three in particular.


LOL I forgot about that man what those skins were ass too

I did enjoy supporting the game, but it’s about the message. Realizing this is makes 2k Slimey.

Art is priced at what people will pay. I’ll pay ten for a great skin. Doesn’t mean I’m getting ripped off just means I really like that piece of art.


Not one of your posts has been anything other than you dismissing other’s opinions, and claiming that yours is fact. That is not how people debate a topic in a constructive manner, and i won’t be a part of it any longer.

Bows awkwardly.



How is anyone ripping you off? You’re not forced into buying it. If the cost is too high, just like every other consumer good in existence, don’t buy it or wait for a sale.

Hell, you can earn platinum in game now. If a few bucks isn’t something you want to spend, just play the game and slowly earn enough platinum for what you want.

Calling it a rip off because you want it, but not at the selling price is silly. It’s not like it’s egregiously outside of the typical pricing standards for skins either.


Yells from another thread.

Hey, guy?! I, uh… I don’t know if you replied to me because you thought i was the OP, but i agree with you completely! Sorry for the confusion!

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I’m not? and no one that doesn’t waste money wouldn’t either

LMAO “wait for a sale” when was the last time skins went for sale? December? Lmao you funny bruh

also it’s ripping off because you’re forced to buy it if you want it. If I see a skin I want and there’s no way to get it other than paying for it (cause let’s be real no one’s buying anything for 700 platinum with that 4, 10, 32 daily rewards lel that’d take 3 weeks at best.) than I am being ripped off. I want to enjoy everything the game has to offer, and when you cut off a portion of that game behind a paywall then greed sets in and players despise you.