Are the devs going to acknowledge the issues they made?

I worked for a software house, one way more important than video games. We got audited all the time by banks (payment processor) and had QA working all hours to meet deadlines.

At no point did anything get released without testing. Never. Not once.

BL3 has the signs of no testing whatsoever or whatever testing is totally inadequate for the product. 70% nerfs and 50% buffs are not a tested product. I have lost all momentum now as a Moze main, finding her main skills broken, IB totally untested in mayhem mode.

What the hell is going on at GBX? Lots of good will has been squandered by the actions of the devs so far, so much public outcry over their actions or inn-actions. We still don’t know if we have to wait another week for moze to be fixed or if this is intentional.

Its killed my enjoyment of the game to know that MOD, Vampyr, IB and others are not working as expected or if ever. Forge covered up a lot of the crimes but from the USER testing it appears there are some real fundemental issues with Moze which Randy “11 months of development” Pitchford seems to think is perfect.

I wont even start on Amara and the playtesting/balance dev…

Devs, Fix Moze. I don’t care you broke Hex grenades but for the love of god fix her.

I don’t understand why we even have armour on IB, it seems utterly pointless. Just make it use fuel and inrcrease the damage - it should be a temp tank with massive guns!


Agreed she’s broken alright. :wink:
I’d like to see an Ironbear rework tho


Means of destruction clearly works for you, it doesnt for me and a lot of other ppl. I use the same exact build as you and constantly have to reload.

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I think you’ve forgotten Means of Destruction only has a +6% chance to return a grenade.

Ogre, all splash damage weapon.
Firerate: 7.51 bullets per seconds.
%42 chance to return a grenade assuming all bullets deal splash damage, it appears landing a direct hit doesn’t count as splash damage.
oh and atop of that it has a re-trigger delay of 0.3 seconds.


I love Moze. True the ib is utterly useless itself but for an action skill it’s pretty spamable. Moze Does sooo much more damage outside. I literaly exit on entry. Then everything disintegrates. I run around with 80k shields though, sometimes 40k if I go big boom. She’s sick what she can do.

Im watching your ammo count stay extremely high, mine works nothing like that, i hold my ogre down and im at 30 bullets instantly. I get nades back no problem when using the ogre but not ammo.

I’m using Redistribution, Forge, and Means of Destruction.
Grenade critical hits proc Redistribution only the ammo it regens is the gun you have equipped not grenades.

Means of Destruction is working it’s just not as good as it use to be.

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Pretty sure his ‘extra projectile terror anoint’ is glitched which is common and stacked higher then normal. Shooting way more bullets per shot then it should. Looks like that to me anyways.

Yeah im using the exact same skill set, im just trying to figure out why mine doesnt work as good as his lol.

Yours works a lot better than mine tho.

Yep, it works 50% some of the time.

Its been 2 weeks since they broke her, with no word or rollback. I suspect this is “fixed”

But alas the devs have the communication skills of child. Own up to your mistakes and fix them.

I’ve lost all momentum on a game I was hyped for years to play, Moze is just one aspect of BL3 which has disappointed me immensely.

Now they’ve sucked all the fun out of her I can’t be bothered to even start it up now. Guess I wait for cyber punk and play outer worlds until the steam version has everything fixed and tested by the player.


The skills aren’t broken.

PS4 Not working at all I only can able to clear MH3
slaughter shaft by using cloning Ghost call and transformer shield keep my shield up , flakker to regen nade . All splash damage weapons will no regen ammo or nade if direct hitting targets they only regen if u shot at they feet near your target .

Not sure if anyones noticed but for me when I use the IB with dual rocket pods, I’m almost always back to 11 grenades once I exit the Bear.

I’ve even seen my grenades jump from 4 instantly to 11 while firing the Ogre.

My problem isn’t that she’s weak, it’s more that she’s inconsistent. Sometimes vampyr just doesn’t heal me, ammo regen doesn’t work occasionally (think it’s to do with the transformer), etc. I mostly want to see iron bear become something more than an accidental bullet press too though.

Why are we getting inconsistent healing or no regen.

I’m probably gonna hang this game up until decent dlc comes out. No bank spaces and no testing, the bloody harvest stuff is a joke and makes it even more evident they haven’t tested anything with it before going public.

I stopped buying into early access but it seems the entire industry is predatory now and I cannot support he actions of devs who perpetuate the buy now fix later attitude.

Or in gearboxes case buy now nerf later maybe we will get classes working right who knows? We don’t.

In 11 months of testing moze they never once ran mayhem 3 - you know the whole coming marketing speil. The main thing was mayhem mayhem mayhem. Yet they clearly slapped it on at the last minute.

Borderlands 3 feels stale actually less engaging than in predecessors. Well done gbx. Well done…

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What guns and grenades are you using?

People say this because they can use the same skills and it works. Just a few hours ago my Westergun was returning grenades. But you have to remember a 6% chance is not going to happen all the time.

I have shot an enitre ogre mag (150+) not had a ROUND return let alone grenades.

She is broken, its not always broken, but something is not proccing her skills correctly. People have literally slowed down their footage and done the maths.

She was nerfed by a stealth nerf or a stupid dev choice and thus just not fun anymore when RNG on RNG on RNG just to MAYBE get a grenade back which is tied to her sheild regen.

TBH her entire skill trees are anti synergy, useless skills (dakka bear im looking at you) or just contradictory skills like on reloading when she is clearly designed to regen ammo in 2/3 trees…

I noticed the same behavior back when they first broke the beam grenades. What I noticed was that I would randomly go several minutes where NOTHING would regen(using even ghast calls and purple clusterfucks etc). Then suddenly all was good and I would fill right up on nades and ammo would start regen fast again. I started being able to recognize this and just wait it out while in SS. It’s definitely happening.

I saw a comment somewhere saying it was being caused by entering/exiting Iron Bear. Which would make sense as most of my builds are based on abusing IB cancel. IB breaking anything wouldn’t surprise me considering it crashes my game constantly.