Are the drop rates being fiddled with again?

So last night (technically I guess it was this morning) my friends and I were messing around in the Borderlands. We killed Gee a couple times, visited the Peak, and then switched who was hosting (from him to me) so that we could work through sidequests in my recently-reset UVHM. Let me say, straight off, I trust my friend completely. In the group of people I play with, nobody does anything shady without asking first. So we killed Wilhelm, did the Steampump mission in Three Horns Valley, and then went to Frostburn to take care of the Firehawk quests. Scorch dropped his legendary. We went to the Southern Shelf, and on our way up to burn matchstick, Boom and Bewm each dropped a BP. After burning matchstick, we killed Flynt, who was kind enough to leave us with a Thunderballfists. And when we went back to take out Clayton, he dropped us a Pyrophobia (Sadly, it had quite a few Maliwan parts on it). So I just want to know if anyone else experienced a very high drop rate last night, or if my friend and I just got extremely, extremely lucky (.1*.1*.1*.1*.1= 1 in 100,000 chance of getting 5 Legendaries in a row with a 1/10 chance) Anyone know anything about this?

All of the drops were OP8, and one of the Bonus Packages was perfectly parted. My friend and I were basically sh*ting ourselves.

It happens

I seriously doubt GBX would tweak drop rates any further without notice. Statistically speaking, you will get runs of drops like that, just as you will get runs of nothing at all - that’s just how random works.

Indeed it happens. While I didn’t get 5 drops in a row yet I did get 4 in a row a few weeks ago:

The Hive and three Corrosive Invaders in a row all on OP8. Keep in mind that Invaders can come elementless or any of the 4 Maliwan Elements. Random is crazy sometimes.

Not to mention that Saturn has three drops (including Skin)

You just got lucky. I’ve had many lucky sessions like that before.