Are the drop rates on M3 really 500%?

Its ridiculous how long it’s taking me to get a new Ion Laser. I havent leveled a charcter since leveling my main in September. Got to the end of normal and turned on M3 to get updated weapons…and the drop rates feel ■■■■■■?

You farming for one from a rare enemy? Higher Mayhem level sadly means more world drops, making dedicated one like Ion Laser even rarer to get since world drops and dedicated loot are two separate things.

Probably intended or unintended. I’m hearing about this but you may have a better chance at getting it low Mayhem level but at a risk of not getting an increase chance of annointed

I got a Brainstormer from a toilet and a Transformer shield from a common chest next to the toilet while on M3.

World drops

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They are… we just don’t know 500% of what.

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Have you tried farming Evil Saint Lawrence? It’s a reasonable farm. “It being anointed” is a different story.

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i would assume the following.

say we have a drop chance of 1%
the 500% is multiplicative (?)
so 500% of 1 = 5
1 plus the 5 = 6
this would make the final drop chance 6%

am no maths genius but this is my assumption of how it works.

6% chance to drop what is the question. Legendary items? More anointed items? Just more items in general? etc the questions can go on for days for which we have no answers.

-edit btw for reference between my 100’s of tracked runs and other people I know who tracked 100’s of runs of Trial of Discipline the M4 class mod drop rate turned out at around 3% on M4. So take that as you will. Personally I’m crying about it in a corner.

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But since we don’t know that, we can’t know if the number is accurate either. The game states a lot of false numbers, including Mayhem stats. E.g. some while ago Mayhem 3’s crit modifier was -30%, but on the map it said -50%.

Just go farm Freddie, he drops Ion Laser a lot more than the dedicated drop.



His example was clearly hypothetical, not literal. I can’t believe you actually believe those are specific real numbers attached to something and you’re trying to figure out what.


It was “500%” when the game launched, and then they nerfed the hell out of the M3 drop rate and the number never changed. So yeah…I highly doubt that the “500%” number is accurate, which is such a total Gearbox move.

I don’t track it but it seems that some items have a much higher chance of dropping

I get a whole bunch of woodchucker’s or whatever it’s called and that one maliwan SMG that shoots in a wierd pattern… also get the back ham an awful lot for shields and a ton of deathless artifacts.

Right… so you might have 500% chance of the 5% chance to get a woodblocker and 500% chance of the .02% chance to get a maggie.

Making these numbers up, but you get the idea.


That damn gun drops everywhere. I pick it up and drop it just so it won’t pollute the lost loot box.

Yet to see one :wink: . Getting Krakatoas, ASMD, and AutoAime’s instead.

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I get those too along with the occassional Lob or known skin/decoration

Jesus no. I was going along with his hypothetical number wow. The question is about the 500% increased drop rate that’s what my comment was about too. MAN I can’t believe you didn’t get that I was playing along with his hypothetical numbers! OMG ONE ONE

MY point was we don’t know what the +500% increases

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Ah the fun of seeing a percentage increase or boost to something with nothing actually showing the base value. Add to it the boost goes into something centered around RNG.

Yeah 500% increase but for all we know we could be getting a +500% increase to 0.01%


500% of dis dic=Jack’s mushroom tip on a candlestick. :mushroom:

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