Are the factions balanced?

I don’t think they were meant to be, I’m sure the game was intended to be played as a cooperative effort amongst factions. I just randomly ended up in a full LLC group (Incursion) and although we put up a fight, we were clearly outmatched. Our Marquis did a good job controlling the lane, but healing and support was severely lacking, although that may have been the fault of our Kleese and Kid Ultra and not necessarily an issue with the mechanics of the game. Anyone ever try a full faction team (other than for Boldur’s lore)? Any thoughts? How did it work out? I understand that the game wasn’t meant to be played this way, but it would add a cool dimension to the game 'verse.

I don’t know if they are exactly balanced but I hope the new legendaries lead to seeing more faction fights. It’s adds another level of interesting options.

Like when Marvel ultimate alliance would give bonuses depending on what characters you picked on your team. If anyone remembers what I’m talking about. Haha

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An LLC team can work really well. I think the only team that’s lacking is the UPR since they have no support.

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I tried a team of all Rogues and it went really well at first, our only main problem was that one of our players didn’t do too well, he died about 15 times give or take with 2 kills as WF.

We lost, but it was still fun. It all just depends on how they coordinate and play

I think a full Eldrid team of Boldur, Thorn, Alani, Miko, and Mellka would be a LITTLE too hard to overcome with a full team from another faction, but other than that, they’re pretty even.

I was actually just gonna say a sans pendles comp for the rogues would probably surprisingly good provided the players know how to play each character competently.

There early game wouldn’t be that great but probably good enough to hold onto there first sentry. Once they hit level 4 though the power creep starts. Reyna isn’t the best healer as far as support goes but she really shines when your team has decent sustain or evasion and that team has it in spades. Tons of slow, a couple hard stuns potentially, and a pull plus a knock back of needed. Reynas ult is excellent for pushing a wave and makes everybody’s ult, save perhaps shayne, just better. You get 2 of the best back liners in the game with both having really solid mid range capabilities. Orendi and whiskey being excellent anti entrenchers. Whiskey and Toby to just melt a majority of the tanks.

So long as the team plays to there strengths and covers there weaknesses they would be a challenge to deal with.

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I think it all depends on the game mode.

In incursion, I feel like only Eldrids and possibly Jennerit can make a proper setup that is on even footing with a “mixed” team.
Maybe LLC, but I am not sure how good one can heal with Kid Ultra.
Peacekeepers lacks support and Rogues lack both a proper tank and only Reyna for a support. Reyna is fine, but if the enemy team has a different support she will have a hard time keeping up.

Now, if we move to Meltdown (yay!), things get a lot more interesting due to there being two lanes.
Peacekeepers still have a rough time without a support, so I would still not bet on them winning too much.
Rogue do better since there are less teamfights and Reyna’s supporting capabilities are a bit better.
Jennerits are definitely viable, since they are generally more close-quarters and Meltdown offers more space to fight in.
LLC seems a bit tricky, since Kleese is pretty immobile, but if Kid Ultra can be a good support in Meltdown, it would rather be the opposite.
Eldrid are still the nastiest bunch.

…At least, that is how I see it. :slight_smile:

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