Are the handsome collection will be released for pc?

Are borderlands handsome collection will be released for pc Someday?

Why? they are already out on the PC.

Since the PC doesn’t have a ‘next generation’, no. It won’t be. What benefits would there be?

The whole point of the Handsome Collection is to port the games to the new generation of consoles. There’s no need to do that for PC, since there isn’t such a thing as a “generation” on PC. The games would be exactly the same as the already released versions. As a matter of fact, the games already look and run better on PC than they could on any of the new gen consoles. The only other new feature the Handsome Collection has is 4 player split-screen co-op, which I think wouldn’t work on PC. The only reason to release it for PC would be to collect both games and all of the DLC in the same package, but I don’t think it woud sell enough copies to justify the cost of production.

Handsome Collection is technically on PC since the main release :wink:

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ok, Thank you all :slight_smile: