Are the Incursion Sentries too weak?

Back in the day you wouldn’t dare to even look at a sentry without minions being there (unless you were Marquis). Now, people are able to dive a sentry, dealing damage and possibly killing it without any minions there, and STILL not die. There’s even some characters who are able to 1v1 the first sentry (not sure about the second one). I haven’t seen this been discussed much so I thought I’d bring it up!

Question is, what is the objective of Incursion? Is it “push minions to destroy the sentry” or is it just “destroy the sentry”. One possible solution (which I don’t even like) is that the sentries shields must initially be hit by a minion for players to be able to do damage.

Another simple solution is for the sentries to deal more damage to players (especially when no minions are around), and generally be a bit smarter about who they should attack.

Just for comparison (and I know BB isn’t a proper moba), but for games like LOL and Smite, I’m pretty sure the sentries will pretty much one-shot you if you’re too close without minions. Obviously I don’t want the sentries to one-shot people but I feel like something definitely needs to be changed.

So what do you think? Are the sentries fine as they are or do they need to be stronger? If so what other solutions can you come up with and do you like/dislike my two solutions? I kinda want this to be a nice discussion and hear other people’s thoughts!

P.S. This isn’t like a “WAAAAH people dived my sentry and we lost” thread, I’ve been on both sides of this, and I’ve even managed to take about 15 health from the first sentry (after shields were down) by jumping and attacking it with Orendi :confused:


what about giving them an AE burst whose damage is dependand on how many enemys are around, 1 enemy near the sentry = max damage, and every other lowers it (basically max damage divided by enemy count), like the cores in paragon, you simply can’t solo them, most hero’s die after 2 or 3 bursts

I was thinking of something like this, it would help stop characters like Phoebe and Boldur being able to 1v1ing the sentry! Good idea :slight_smile:


I feel like a shield increase to the sentry would probably be needed.

To be fair I don’t mind the idea of players not being able to do damage to the sentry shield. Or if that’s too extreme then maybe players to significantly reduced damage.

I don’t either, I’m just thinking maybe it shouldn’t be so easy without minions.

Well if you made it were the snetry’s shield can only be destroyed by the minions and players can’t do squat to it without them then it would make defending the minions more important than trying to make kills thus making some characters more useful to have. But completely making the sentry’s shield immune to player attacks might tick those off who rely on strong characthers to 1V1 the sentries.

What happens when both teams are rly good destroying minions?
Like rly rly good…

I have been in those matches where neither team can push the sentry and all ends in the final minute dive.

If both players are good at destroying minions then maybe it deserves to be a tie?

Isnt that game named meltdown???

Sentries should have a knockback aoe for melee characters and blinding lasers for ranged ones.


What do you mean?[quote=“matrixltu, post:11, topic:1561292, full:true”]
Sentries should have a knockback aoe for melee characters and blinding lasers for ranged ones.

Interesting, instead of dealing more damage they can do some soft CC effect! Nice idea.

I like this because once the thumper is down there isn’t any threat really, the sentry needs to be the biggest threat.

I think the shield or the health of the sentry should only be open for damage for either minions or BB. So the BB could for example only damage the shield while the minions have to decimate the health of the sentry or vice versa.

Another possibility could be, that the shield of the sentry is immediately recharged, if there is no damage coming from minions. That way you could combat the annoying cheesy killing the sentry with the whole team from every angle possible. Most of the time if the shield is down there is at least 10-20 health taking down the sentry from the BB itself. I think the aim in this mode should be more to protect the minions when they engage the sentry from the otber BB instead of face tanking the whole thing.

The suggestion from matrixltu sounds indeed very nice.

I would generally add an indestructible machine gun turret at the second base, so there is a litte bit of danger by taking the enemy base. The turret itself doesnt do that much damage.

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Meltdown is about how good is your team destrying minions.

Meltdown is how good is your team destroying/protecting a sentry.

I like what @matrixltu suggested

I like this idea. A lot.

I used to be afraid to round the corner in overgrowth but lately I’ve had matches where we’ve been steamrolling the enemy team and taking down the first sentry by level 3.
I feel the straight cannon shot that used to instakill you was way too op but now they have a lobbing shot that barely does anything. I feel if they added more damage to the lobbing shot and a bigger aoe splash it would be more effective at keeping the enemy team at bay.
maybe they’ve tried this internally and it didnt work, who knows.


@dantesolar Just saw you on a stream, no minions touched the last sentry and your team managed to get it down from 50-0 in maybe 30 seconds.

This isn’t good imo :confused:

I don’t know, I like the fact the sentry can hold its own early but needs to be protected mid to late game.

Keeps games from becoming too centralized on lane when you have to worry about backdooring and alternative avenues of approach. Especially since the minions only have 1 to use.

If that was the game i just had then the game was a tdm, like old times. Kill minioms first then get as many kills as you can to break the tie.

I refuse to go back to the old times.

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