Are the level cap increases mandatory for the Pre Sequel?

In borderlands the pre sequel when you buy and install the holodome dlc and the new claptastic voyage are the level cap increases automatically installed as well (like it did in borderlands 2)? or can you figure out some way to not install the level cap increases? I really hope it doesnt because i didnt like second the level cap increases in borderlands 2

Also if the increases are mandatory, do i need the first level cap increase for the second level cap increase to work?

Last thing this is for pc, if that makes any difference. And thanks for any help

They’re automatically downloaded with the dlcs, you can’t avoid them

You get 10 levels for each DLC - to level 60 for either one and level 70 for both. Cap increase is part of each DLC.

Seems like the level increase can’t be disabled. Yeah, I’m also not a fan of UVHM. It’s great for them that like it, but for us mortals and solo players it’s no fun.

If the game had just 2 things:

  • Restart Campaign button for TVHM with appropriate level scaling
  • Some option to lock Golden Key loot down to TVHM levels

Then I’d be happy ignoring UVHM completely.

Or if TVHM simply scaled to your level once you beat it