Are the other Characters Mia?

All I see is Kleese Ghalt, Melka and DeAnde in the story did the other Characters disappear or something?

What exactly do you mean? I´m a bit confused. Do you mean which chars are featured in the ending video? Cause I´m kinda sure there are more than just these 4 o.o

The other Battleborn aren’t in the game like the 4 I mentioned who are in every mission pretty much with the main dialogue. I would like to see Story Missions feature other Battleborn who are the mains of that episode.

Ahhhh, now I get it^^

Well, there are ALOT of callouts specific to certain situations and team setups, so theres quiet some chatter from other Battleborn.
That the 4 mentioned are in every mission is because they are the base crew and all have access to their factions intel. Its a bit sad theres no Rogue with them, Reyna should be in the mainteam whith Ghalt, Kleese, Deande and Mellka.

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Yeah, at the moment, most characters have unique dialogue within the missions. Although some seem to be more dominant, so I guess you’ll need some more exotic party setups (or just go solo) to hear them all. These are just small comments, but I think they provide some character depth (especially in combination with Lore).

For Spotlight Missions focused on a character, I personally love how they introduced Boldur with The Experiment. And The Algorithm (specifically some of ISIC’s lines, this guy is hilarious :laughing: ) is still one of my favorite missions, even after countless runs in CTT/Beta and the final game.

I could continue that list with, but all of those missions have one thing in common: The ‘main’ NPC is unlocked upon first completion of that mission.

I actually enjoy playing The Archive due to Mellka’s presence as a story-relevant NPC (First time players aren’t supposed to have access to her at that point as her unlock condition is ‘Complete The Heliophage’).

After all, the intro cinematic shows that the Battleborn are more about helping the other factions to ensure their support. I personally would love a mission that involves Attikus inciting a thrall rebellion on Tempest. Or an excursion to the LLC Arcfleet to finally find out what really happened to the Magna Carta.

Really hyped :grin:


Well it’s like they said, those 4 are pretty much the main driving force behind the story. The other characters say some stuff too. It usually depends on whose in the group and/or what mission you are on. If you ever do the Saboteur with Toby or Reyna, they say quite a bit sometimes. Mostly conversations about the mission objective to NOVA but there is one lengthy one between Reyna and Ghalt about a stolen UPR ship pass the 2nd core defense. Didn’t hear the whole thing since it got cut off due to a group member moving too close to the next waypoint.


They’re off in pvp.

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It would be nice to have more NPC chatter from other characters during missions.

Actually, it would be nice to see more Player Character chatter, too. Every character should have a few unique lines for each mission. Not necessarily the full conversation that Phoebe and Caldi have in the renegade… But a couple unique lines.

There’s a bit of this in the Void’s Edge, as each character reacts differently when Wolf Sentry asks “what are you guys doing after the mission?” There should be more of this, perhaps with some off-screen reactions from characters aboard Nova.

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I agree that Reyna should be present on the sihp. I’m not surprised that she isn’t though because, frankly, the Rogues always get the short end of the stick in everything. They have the least exposure and the weakest heroes. It’s really a shame because from a literary standpoint they’re by far the most interesting faction in the game to me.

It’s a group of space pirates that’s determined to give every outcast a home, no matter how strange and monstrous they seem to others. It’s a haven away from prejudices and bigotry where everyone has one another’s backs. It could really be pushed that they have a very good idea about how to do things, with a culture of effective anarchism and the ability to be familial with people who don’t look like them.

In a world (trailer voice!) where racism is becoming far, far more common and legitimised every day (Brexit, Trump, et al), it would be a very good stance to take. Zootopia did that and did very well for itself. It would also be empowering to a lot of groups who don’t have nearly enough in the media in the way of escapist fantasies. That’d be a good way to draw in a new demographic of customers without having to turn to squalid marketing tactics.

It really is a shame. The Rogues are the most interesting thing to come out of Battleborn, and yet they’re the least utilised despite that.

I had an inner facepalm as I realised that that could be misconstrued and spun into ‘racism exists because people think that other people look like monsters,’ which isn’t what I was trying to say. But rather, what I am instead trying to say is that the Rogues could stand as a counter to prejudices, full stop. Against all of the -isms and all of hte phobias, open-minded and accepting of everyone.

Naturally there is a hard-wired bias toward prejudice in the human brain because our biological imperatives which all humans are programmed to obey are kind of screwed up. Our biological imperatives compel us to replicate those which are like us at the expense of those who’re not, they also compel us to breed in excesses when we don’t need to, and worse than that they would have us hoard resources for our own even when we don’t need them and others might.

It’s a lack of self awareness that allows those imperatives to be easily obeyed and has lead to the worst atrocities throughout history. And even to the one per cent. It’s a bad state of affairs, really, and the one thing we should be doing is trying to use our sapience to overcome our horrible biological imperatives. To outdo our programming and make ourselves better.

A literary tool like the Rogues would suggest that these humans have gone so far past open-mindedness and have broken out of their biological imperatives to such a startling degree that none of their xenophobic attitudes are present. So anyone, no matter how crazily different they look, no matter how ‘monstrous’ they might appear to the modern eye, would be accepted.

And that’s a comforting thing to anyone who has to deal with today’s prejudices.

It’s nice to be able to think that at some point in the future we might just be able to break out of our biochemical shackles and become better than that. A hope that at least one portion of humanity is no longer beholden to base nature-given conditioning. A shining example of how much better things could be.

A place where everyone can fit in, without being made to feel like an outsider or a freak. That’s valuable. And that’s what the Rogues could be.

They could really push that. And they should.