Are the servers down today?

It’s 3pm EST here and I just got kicked out of the game and can’t log back into it. Anybody else experiencing this?

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hotfixes should be going live right about now, they usually cause this

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Same here. Hoping it will be better after a movie.

The last 3 weeks with the hotfixes it only lasted about 10 mins

Hot fixes should be 9am whatever time zone cali is in. 10 mountain time. That’s when Alani was released and that patch came out. Same issue here, been kicked twice now.

Hotfixes and patches are two different things, patches are done by the platforms, steam, xbox, playstation. hotfixes are done by gearbox

My system just booted me

Same problem. Just got my buddy to get the game and now I can’t play it haha. Damn.

Give it a bit and try again. As @Derch suggested, it’s likely a side effect of the updated hotfix going live on the servers.

As opposed to other people I often find games pretty well without long waits but that would explain why it has been hard just now

Yea…im getting a message that says cant connect to playstation network…but everything checks out fine…i rebooted twice already…

Like I said above its the hotfix going through it shouldn’t take long


This happened to me the first day I installed the digital version. I restarted the console and router a few times to no avail. It eventually worked after about 30mins. Thought this was supposed to get fixed with the update? I was lookin forward to popping some domes with marquis, but now I’m just stuck staring at the log-in screen :frowning:

It keeps letting me in for five minutes, if that. Would love some warning when they’re doing maintenance. Blizzard, for example, has a set day of the week where they do it, even an approximate time frame.


Same with this the battleplan hits 11am us central time and the hotfixes 2pm same zone, every thursday

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yea, but people want a pop-up the day of! That way they can complain about the pop up taking too much space on the screen. :wink:

And for those wondering, Central Summer Time is UTC - 5 (GMT - 5, or British Summer Time - 6)

Some people are broadcasting tho, so how did they get in the game?

I have been trying to log on, but it keeps letting me that I need a active psn account. Which I have.

Presumably they got back in as soon as their servers came back up. You may or may not be on the same game servers as they are.

Did you try either restarting the game completely, or restarting your PS4? No promises, but it’s worth a shot.