Are the shields broken like in Borderlands 2?

I already purchased this when it came out, but haven’t gotten around to play it yet. It was the same for Borderlands 2, which I have regrest about after investing a couple hundred hours into. I don’t want to waste my time again, so if someone can tell me if the scaling is broken like in Borderlands 2? more specifically, and simplistically - are your shields + health getting one shotted as the play goes to higher levels?

In BL2 I found that by the time I got to UVHM the shields were like a wet piece of nose wiping tissue. basically ANY HIT goes right through the shield (breaks it) as if it isn’t there. It’s like every enemy has critical hits. I went back with my UVHM character to the weakest TVHM areas I could find, 10 levels below mine to find even the weakest characters were still able to wipe out my shield in one hit (my equipment being WAY above their levels as well). This is not about gameplay, it is about mechanics - so I’m not asking advice on not getting hit, getting better gear or strategies. I’m talking about the game mechanics here, and whether it is the same for the Pre Sequel - from a regular player’s perspective (not hardcore people who love the “Challenge” and don’t care about broken shields because the harder the better and a issue is adding to gameplay for them).

tldr; Are the shields in the Pre Sequel weak like the ones in BL2? let me know so I can decide whether its worth it to invest / waste my time. Thanks.

No, the scaling seems much better. Whether it’s because they have higher capacity, better damage reduction, or enemies just hit more softly I don’t know (I could test this but could never be bothered) but even adaptive shields, which were typically regarded as the worst shield type in BL2, are usable at level cap. The Reogenator (TPS variant of Neogenator, literally exactly the same) is one of the best defensive shields in TPS. Perhaps not exactly the same, I never tested if with the same parts it has the same capacity and max health bnus at equal level, but all the special effects remain the same and it’s a beastly shield by comparison to BL2 where an OP0 Neogenator was rubbish. The Black Hole too is a great shield on any class, not just a nova-specific build. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I played TPS at launch with some friends from BL2 and we all noticed it pretty early on.

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It’s a night and day difference. Game scaling is much better in TPS but the characters actually have effective skills to tank damage via shields.

Turtle shields are easily some of the best shields in the game.