Are the ship units in meters?

I am speaking of the exported mesh files, of course. I mean it seems hilariously obvious of a question to ask, but I’m asking anyway for official confirmation, and all that. I’m pretty sure anyone would agree that they are but surprisingly there are a few who will argue against all better judgement that they are not in meters. So I’d like the record set straight.

IIRC, HW1 ships are in feet and HW2 ships are in meters.

From what I could see, HW1 ships in HWRM are not correctly scaled with their HW2 counterparts.

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They redid the scaling entirely for the remastered, so now they are definitively THAT size compared to each other. I’ve already done some digging but what I’m looking for is an official response from the dev team about it.

The game had better be scaled in metres, there are thousands of ships scaled to 1 distance unit = 1 metre out there :stuck_out_tongue:

Proper scaling is one thing that I pride myself on!

I love when people say we ‘messed up’ anything… I mean, we’re literally ‘cannon’ - what we do is what things are.

We used a scalar of 0.35 when converting HW1->HW2.

HW2 units are in Meters.


I never said you guys messed up, I just wanted the issue resolved officially. Personally I like the scaling for it, adds some variety to the races. Thank you, sir!

Well technically you can mess up even if you are cannon, since you’re Remaster, there’s an original to compare to and you can also be wrong in cannon… But you didn’t. The achievement you people made is mindblowingly amazing. Honestly I don’t envy you, remastering an old classic. The tidal wave of old veterans’s comments who each has his own idea of how things should have been was seen from miles away. In some aspects it must be an ungrateful job, but you’re all still bloody awesome.

BTW I don’t think anyone said you messed up the scale.


It was a general comment - not aimed at one person :wink:

So you messed up your comment, too! :stuck_out_tongue:

Aww, that’s harsh :stuck_out_tongue:

And then you look at the Homeworld Technical specifications and realize the Mothership should be around 40 Kilometers if the details about the Scaffold being 19 Kilometers are accurate.

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