Are the Steam Metrics Realistic?

Have spent about 45 minutes in North America trying to find a match in every game type and can’t actually play. Looking at Steam Metrics the players online is down to only 5000 within a week. Is this accurate?

4000 Players now. :confused:

On top of that, the peak of 12000 has not even come close to being matched again. 60$ USD and 80$ CAN seems a bit steep for a game like this.

Yes, they are pretty accurate. I live in Greece and I get a match in about 4 minutes, so it’s probably an issue with your Steam settings.

Go to Settings and then Downloads and at the Download Region, choose a server which you think is more populated than the one you are currently in. Restart Steam, make sure the change has taken effect, boot the game and queque for a match. It should be faster this time.


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No need for a new topic just yet, thanks.