Are there advantages to surrendering?

No need to get defensive. I wasn’t insinuating anything, and I realize now I should have worded that differently. It was more of a question.

I run into randoms like this more often than I would like. The matchmaking system remains broken and high level teams keep getting matched against low level teams, which is the root cause of this problem.


Why not just surrender then? Why waste everyone else’s time and/or ruin the game for everyone else? I don’t understand your reasoning for quitting or intentionally sabotaging your own team. Especially when there is an option to surrender and save yourself and your teammates some punishment without sacrificing all of your rewards.

Sometimes a premade team will let the opposition get the upper hand on score or let them take the first sentry in order to mislead them into thinking they are winning or at least have a chance at winning so that they can farm kills. I’ve seen it happen most often in quick match. I even had a teammate send me a message after a match of face off calling me an idiot for surrendering (as if I could have surrendered for the team myself) because we were “winning”. I sent a polite reply explaining that the opposition was 3 levels ahead of us and had stopped playing the objective and had started farming kills. I got no reply.

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You don’t understand it, because i worded it poorly, and i apologize. What i meant is that there have been times where MY TEAM has wanted to surrender, and i told THEM to leave instead, because i refuse to surrender; and what is leaving, if not a form of surrender?. A 1v5 won’t last very long, and so they wouldn’t have to wait too long for me to finish, and start a new match with them. However, that wasn’t a very popular suggestion, so now i just tell them that if they want to surrender when we are losing, that’s fine; just don’t count on MY vote…


Hm, maybe because people won’t sometimes and if I don’t either leave or wait in spawn.

Oh wait I know you. Your that edgy Benny player.

I sense this edgy comment before.
I also remember wrecking you and your team in face off a while ago.

Haven’t seen you for a while.

Don’t bite
He’s been baiting for awhile

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I wasn’t baiting at all.

sure bud
whatever you say

Thanks. I’m glad you know it isn’t bait :slight_smile:

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Guys – please read @Tokesy97’s post post above. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Sorry Joe
No malicious intent intended.
I will limit my suggestions to PMs.



I basically got the same approach here as @handsomecam. I will never surrender because I’m getting beaten, the match is one-sided, dying a lot etc. Virtually the only time I will surrender is when either team is farming beginners.

I got this game a few months ago. My entire team left one by one and eventually it was only me left. The opposing team realised quite quickly that I had no intention of surrendering or quitting, so they all basically stopped playing (me too admittedly as it became a taunt-fest) and they eventually surrendered. I knew I’d lose in every sense of the word since I obviously wouldn’t be able to hold two lanes alone against a high leveled enemy team, but I could certainly have fun still playing it.

I got into a state of “F*ck it, I’m Kelvin. I want to improve my game with him, I’m alone against an entire team now. Let’s give it a proper go!” I quite enjoyed that match myself as well and reckon it could’ve continued to be enjoyable as they didn’t have a CC-heavy team.


I love that second picture! It screams



I’ll edit this post if it bothers anyone please pm me if it needs adjusting and I just typed it out on my phone so apologies for any grammatical errors

I’d like to add in one other side of debate that was way back when me and @FlamesForAll become friends on PS4, he ended up on the opposing team with an afker while I was in a group of five, we played the match till the end but waited until the counter hit 490 to surrender(all but the one afker were playing hard it was just the fact that we had players made it an almost inevitable conclusion) so we did it at the last second so that the match wasn’t cut short.

Some people can consider that condescending(as @Slif_One pointed out above) but some people also say whiskey is terrible and therefore some people are defective(I’m joking)

but the issue here is perception and there is no way to counter that.
If you are playing the match that’s imbalanced and they are focusing the objective you’re being a jerk because they can’t stop you even though they want to win,
if you don’t play the objective you’re either considered an idiot, a troll, or an idiotic troll,

but if you play the match through but surrender even at the last second(which the timing tells me a lot more than anything else about the situation when I’m on the other end) you’re being condescending…

Can anyone tell me if I have it about in a nutshell?

@HandsomeCam, @Vicks_Toire, @SirWalrusCrow, @StealthyWookie6, @Christopher789

By the way I’m legitimately trying to understand this, because while some things I will never be able to agree with(rage quitting/staying in spawn) the rest is more gray than black or white

And for at least some of the surrenders remember, life does happen. I was playing with a person who was called into work suddenly about 2 minutes into a game. we surrendered as soon as she said what was going on.

It’s ugly that people surrender for nonsensical reasons but there are legitimate reasons out there as well


You’re asking ME?!

Uh… No…? No, wait! YES!!

Umm… I don’t know, to be honest, but i don’t consider surrendering when winning to be anything more than an apology… “Sorry the game is unbalanced; we’re giving you the win because we feel bad”. That’s MY perception, just as surrendering while losing is dishonorable is. If people disagree with me, i can respect that; so long as they don’t try to “prove” i’m wrong…

Because there IS no “right” and “wrong” in matters like this… If people want to surrender for WHATEVER reason, let them; just don’t tell me that I should because of “X”. I WILL admit that i WOULD surrender if someone needed to leave; though i’d prefer they just AFK so that the rest of us could keep playing. I’ve won my fair share of 4v5s when someone had to leave for real-life reasons.


Well said
In my opinion there is no RIGHT way to handle the situation.
No one solution or plan of action will make everyone happy and honestly it’s not your responsibility.
I think it IS every persons responsibility to not be a sadist enjoying the frustration and anger of others
Leave the world better or at the very least break even :confused:
I think nothing of those who surrender.
I can’t tell anyone else how to feel about the issue but I can tell you learning to identify issues of pride and vain glory realizing how ridiculous they are is a step in the right direction


I’m not quite sure I follow here :sweat_smile:

But beyond that I think you’re on point. The main issue with those surrenders, and why I avoid them, is that it’s virtually impossible to know the intentions of the opposing team (unless you know them).

Two examples, one on either end would be;

  • We surrendered because we respect you who stuck with it and this is our way of giving you the proper credit. You deserved to win with that spirit and/or otherwise splendid performance.

  • We surrendered to troll you. You lot are so bad and virtually never get a win, so we’ll just hand you this one so you can at least get one. We’ve always had the power to determine the winner of this match, and don’t you forget it.

There’s no way to tell between the two opposing intentions since the outcome remains the same. Usually however, I think most (including myself) levitate towards the belief that people generally do it with an intention closer to the 2nd alternative rather than the first (though not necessarily as extreme).


I don’t play faceoff? Must’ve been during the times where Incursion wasn’t in it’s own matchmaking lobby. At least you remember me, I think that might be good, I dunno.

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Face off? Sounds like a real serious match.