Are there any blow ups of the PvP Maps that can be studied?

Anybody know of any downloads or web pages of the PvP maps for this game??

Would like to study the terrain a bit before getting my a$$ handed to me again in PvP.

I googled and came up empty handed.

Not sure about maps, but I’m always happy to do some bot games with you John. I need a lot of orientation… not the best at that type of thing even when I’m not under pressure!

It’s best to study the maps in matches versus bots. You can run around and explore all nooks, see which surfaces you can climb without sliding off.

You can also enable the alternative minimap, which shows the entire map at once (not just the part cropped with circle). I really like this other display mode, it should be default in my opinion.

any way to screenshot the full map??

Maps aren’t that big. Just make a private game with 1 enemy and run around.

There is no way to view the map in PvP modes except for the Minimap unfortunatly. You are only able to see the full map in PvE mode by pressing 3 on the keyboard.

@MentalMars has the PvP maps up on their website.

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Thanks…exactly what I was looking for!

Now I just print that out…go to a private bot match as suggested and then fill it in with turrets/buildables mercenary points…etc.

A proper map recon…