Are there any mods out there that add Homeworld 1 Classic sound effects to Homeworld 1 Remastered?

I am aware of great mods like the Homeworld Sound Fix on the workshop, which notably brings the weapon fire sounds from HW1R assault frigates and corvettes closer to their original sound effects.

But what about other things like those intimidating, mechanical, low humming sounds that the HW1 Classic capital ships emitted?

Above all, the main sound that I miss are the voice feedback sound effects from your fleet. Is there any way to replace the Homeworld 2 voice effects with Homeworld 1 versions? I personally thought that, on top of sounding better due to the heavy radio interference effect that it had, the HW1 Classic voice feedback/battle chatter had more variety to it.

I couldn’t find any mod that added these two audio elements back into the game, I really would love to see it.

Why don’t you make the mod yourself?

I have absolutely no experience making mods. All I have ever done is make some tweaks in good ole notepad++

So I take it that there is no mod with what I want currently…? If that’s the case then I will look into making one I suppose

Notepad tweaks are about all you would need for a sound replace, other than securing the sound files and making sure they are hwrm compatible.

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No idea how to go about it though. Surely if it were that easy it would have been done already?

I can’t even figure out how to extract the homeworld classic .big file

A big stumbling block will just be extracting the old sounds from HW1. It used a pretty odd format, and it’s hard to get the toolchain together now to get it into something usable. And for voices the replacement is not a simple task, simply due to the number of clips and the potential complexity of getting them used in the right time and place.

Yeah…wayyyy out of my league. I knew it would be more than just notepad tweaks.

It’s a shame because I think there would be a lot of demand to have the old sounds back

Turns out jst online is still up and has all the old tools for HW1


there is a Mod on steam workshop.

here is the link: Homeworld Sound Fix

it´s pretty good. :smile:

Dude, Homeworld Sound Fix is in the OP’s very first sentence.

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i didn´t see that.


It’s not way out of your league, all it takes is you actually digging into it, get the tools working and find where both sets of sound files are stored. Then continue where it leads you to.

And if that’s not enough, ask @Stuart98 how he did it in his Homeworld Sound Fix.