Are there any people on XboxOne?

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Ehyyy guys, hi everyone. Idk if this is the correct section to make this thread in, probably not, but didn’t find anything else that fits my research better so, let’s pass importants things.
I have roughly 3 years of solo play on my shoulders, mostly on 360, in which the really major part of the players i met online were just about modded gears, or gamebreaking glitches… I am not that kind of player and, having discovered this forum ( and passing by me being lazy signing in ) a lot of you are not aswell. Now i uptaded my Bl2 on Xbox1, i’d really like to do some serious coop with someone that enjoys the real game like i do, if anyone wants, i have all classes on op8, i’d even let you chose what class i will use xD
Have a good day :slight_smile:

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Moved you to the right section (assuming “upgraded” means purchased “Handsome Collection”?) And yes, there are still folks playing on XB1 despite some defections to the dark side.

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I play on both consoles, but mainly PS4 due to having more people from these forums that I play with on there. Also better console, but that isn’t particularly relevant here since the game is the same

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I am curious what that means… :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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Uhhmmm what?


Invite me sometime. I mostly play on weekends but I’m home from work sick today.
GT: LeeFromThe253

(superzi12345) #7

I added you, my GT is BKDI Wars

(Trentpeplow14) #8

Could you help me kill terramorphous?

(superzi12345) #9

Idk it depends honestly… If you are lv 50 or something i have just op8

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I’m also xb1 gamer and my tag is same as here

also a Tekken fan if you play!

(superzi12345) #11

Will add you for sure, aaaand i am more than bad at Tekken xD

(Jackthelad2386) #12

Anyone still looking for co-op gamertag is blackhawk2396

(superzi12345) #13

I will add you soon :slight_smile: who’s your main?

(Jackthelad2386) #14

I main an op8 siren

(xXx3Ninja0xXx) #15

My girlfriend and I usually play almost everyday. I added you so if you ever wanna play invite me and I’m down

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GT is CommonDefence. I’m playing mostly on the weekends and am east coast USA for the timezone. For vaulthunters, i have at least one of each at op8. Currently have a hellborn krieg at lvl 64 that i am leveling up.

(caugustine31) #17

Can anybody help me get to level 72 then op 8 please Gamertag XxNightNationxX.